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New Start New Me!

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Sold singly or in packs of 10, 25 or 50.

Sold singly – £4.99
10 pack – Save 20% – £39.92 (equivalent to £3.99 each)
25 pack – Save 30% – £87.33 (equivalent to £3.49 each)
50 pack – Save 40% – £149.69 (equivalent to £2.99 each)

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Product Description

Put together by a team of diet, exercise and motivation specialists this little book gives

people a great start along the path of successful, long term, weight loss.

Colourful, friendly and interactive, the book helps people to uncover their motivation and think about why and what they eat.

New Start New Me is designed to help people get into the right frame of mind for lifestyle change,

and takes them through the practical steps of making changes.

Benefits for the User:

  • Find, understand and leverage your motivation
  • Uncover the habits that lead you to gain weight
  • Make changes that suit you and fit into your lifestyle
  • Set goals for yourself

Be prepared to ask yourself some questions, do a bit of thinking, and even some daydreaming!

Paperback 90 pages, colour throughout
Publisher Weight Loss Resources Ltd
ISBN 978-1-91084-302-4
Product Dimensions 10.5cm (h) x 14.7cm (w) x 0.6cm (d)

Customer Reviews

Just completed Part 1

by GinnyW on 15 Jan 2016

and realised something about myself that I hadn't taken on board before, so yes, even though it's not entirely breaking new ground, it is useful device.

I like it because...

by Aller on 15 Jan 2016

...if you read it properly, it makes you think about your history and your motivations now. That said, I now need to finish it!

A lightbulb moment!

by FRIZBEE on 15 Jan 2016

I was also a bit doubtful about the booklet - but it has provided me with a bit of a lightbulb moment!

I thought it was good too xx

by Flybetter on 15 Jan 2016

I've been dieting for a long time and I've used WLR on and off since about 2003 and it still gave me new things to think about. I'm learning all the time xx

I was a bit skeptical.

by 1710Charlie on 15 Jan 2016

Having done my first 5 mins, it's not bad! (I may go so far as to say pretty good!!)

Arrived today - love it!

by Pineapple27 on 9 Jan 2016

Many thanks to whoever designed it. I'll be having a little read tonight.

I agree, very useful.

by Lainie on 7 Jan 2016

I've started working through it and plan to keep it in my handbag. Thank you!

Thank you helpteam.

by MJ on 7 Jan 2016

The little book is very good indeed.