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XBX Plan - Really Simple (and quick) Fitness

Dame Helen Mirren's fave workout! The XBX Plan for Women shows you exactly where to start, and gently progresses you through to optimum strength and fitness for your age - in only 12 minutes a day Find out more

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Product Description

Pretty much everyone knows that getting regular exercise improves your health and the way you look. But most of us don’t have time for the gym and we’d rather spend the precious little ‘free time’ we do have doing something more enjoyable.

The problem is, your muscles start to lose their size and strength as early as your 30’s (even though you may not notice at first) and day-to-day activity is not enough to keep them firm, strong and ready for action.

Another fitness stealer, almost hidden until you look back a number of years, is the gradual slide into becoming less active - unless you make a conscious effort to exercise.

So HOW do you go about getting enough of the right sort of exercise to get and stay fit, firm and flexible?

The XBX plan is a great answer for these reasons:

  • Done in less time than it takes to even drive to the gym, this plan is designed to get you to a healthy level of fitness for your age and keep you there
  • It’s personalised to your own starting point and shows you exactly how to progress at the pace that’s right for you
  • You don’t need any equipment or a large space – the rug in your bedroom or living room will do just fine
  • The exercises are graded and progress from the easiest, moving on to those of average difficulty, through to some which are more challenging
  • How quickly you progress is entirely up to you and the number of days each week you manage to slot your 12 minutes in

What is the XBX Plan?

Developed by the Canadian Airforce after extensive research, trial and testing, the exercises included in XBX were found to be the most effective in increasing fitness.

The exercises are designed to improve all major muscle groups and your general physical fitness as they:

  • Increase muscle tone
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase cardiac efficiency

All in 12 minutes a day.

XBX is PERFECT for you if you...

  1. Want to get fit but aren’t sure how to get started, how much to do, what kind of exercise and how to progress (without spending money on a personal trainer and gym fees)…
  2. Struggle to find the time to fit exercise into your already too-busy life…
  3. Are currently doing a little exercise here and there but not consistently enough to show, and you want a predictable and simple system for results you, and others, can see...

It’s really easy to get started (and keep going!) with this plan, and feedback from our members shows it is effective. That’s why we’re more than happy to promote it and offer it for sale in the wlr shop.

Don’t put it off,
get started on the FIT you today!

Here's some results XBX owners are getting:

WLR's volunteer reviewer (designer Jo) followed the plan for 22 Days before reporting back said:

“You actually get to feel like you're progressing all the time - you're either ticking your way off through the days at each level or ticking off the levels as you move up through them - and each day you can feel smug in how far you've come!”

“I've already (22 days in) - started to feel like I'm holding myself straighter, walking taller, I'm just less hunched - cos I've started to rediscover the muscles in my shoulders, core and back.” Jo

WLR Members have also reported back:

“This book starts at a low enough level to be accessible to everyone. You decide what amount to do and gradually you see improvement. no injuries, no embarrassing visits to the gym!!” Jenny

“I have noticed my tubby tummy is reducing since I started the XBX 12-minute sessions each day. My torso feels less wobbly.” Janet