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Really Simple (and quick) Fitness

For starting at any age or fitness level. Not knowing how to start is a major reason why many of us never do. These plans show you exactly where to start and how to progress Find out more

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Product Description

Based on the world-famous Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan, this book is designed to get you to fitness at your own pace, in 12 minutes a day.

A simple to follow plan that starts where you are, and gets you where you want to be in easy steps with simple to do exercises. (See user review below.)

  • Simple but effective exercises
  • Graded according to your level
  • Tells you exactly where to start
  • Tick as you go progress charts

No equipment needed, do it your bedroom. We're sure you'll love the sense of achievement and results.

Review (22 days in)

This Review is by a member of the wlr team (our overworked, supermum, designer Jo) who is following the plan according to instructions. 

I simply love this little exercise book...

Believe me I've tried many systems for exercising / getting fit / toning those abs before - but this beats the others hands down...


cos it's sooo simple... it's actually maybe a little too simple at first. I mean, what sort of exercise program gets you to do just 4 sit ups - and these are also 'partial' (read beginner's) sit ups... how am I ever gonna get those toned abs? you wonder...

Do not fear, it's the simplicity of it that really makes this book work.

It's a progressive plan which kinda sneaks you into getting fitter slowly without you even having to think about it.

What I really love is that from day one you feel good.

You know, you've actually started something which makes you feel good, and then it's really quite easy so you feel even better cos you might actually succeed this time! Yay. Win Win.

Based on your age you get given a goal level and a set number of days to stick at each level.

And then you simply start at your level one - check the handy chart and complete the number of each exercise as specified.

What is fantastic about this is you almost instantly can see your progress.

Starting at my first level, I had my day's exercises completed in well under 5 minutes the first day (I'm not so unfit after all!) and couldn't wait for day 2, day 3, day 4 and particularly day 5.

Because, for my age, I'm meant to stick at each level for 4 days before moving on - and even on day 1 I was eager to get to level 2 ...

That's a brilliant bit of thinking right there...

You actually get to feel like you're progressing all the time - you're either ticking your way off through the days at each each level or ticking off the levels as you move up through them - and each day you can feel smug in how far you've come!

I started the plan as a sort-of new year's resolution of mine to get fitter...

"Sort-of" cos I couldn't wait and started (rather weirdly) 3 days before the new year... now on day 22 and I've already gone from not being able to do 4 sit ups ... to doing 14 with ease ...

Now this is amazing for me - because I've tried those apps which promise to get you to do 100 sit ups a day - yet after day 2 your muscles kill so much you can't even mentally persuade your body to go through it again.

So you take a few days off - which turn into a week , or two ... and you never go back. I know you've been there too!

But with XBX there's actually zero pain - I mean no pain???

So there's no resistance and cos it's so quick you can't even tell yourself you don't have time. There's virtually no excuse.

I usually try to do my exercise first thing in the morning before work - cos you can't beat starting your day feeling like you've succeeded already! (Sorry, that's just my thing, forgive me!)

But even on the occasional day when the morning has become manic, I've found that this plan is so easy you can't resist just making sure you've squeezed it in before bed.

I've even been known to quickly sneak off to do my exercises whilst the hubbie is cleaning his teeth before bed (yes, he did think I'd gone slightly mad - but hey, I went to bed feeling like a success!)

Of course, there's more to the book that just building up your sit ups - there's a lovely toe-touching stretch, a version of the push up, leg raises - and even some bonus exercises for improving your posture ...

Working at a desk all day sure does take it's toll - and I've already (22 days in) - started to feel like I'm holding myself straighter, walking taller, I'm just less hunched - cos I've started to rediscover the muscles in my shoulders, core and back. Woo hoo!

There's 8 exercises per day (plus 2 bonus ones to improve posture) which increase in repetitions at each level.

Once you've completed 12 levels you enter a new stage and the exercises are adjusted to become a little more demanding (my 'partial' beginner's sit up becomes a rocking sit up for instance).

There's 4 stages / 48 levels in total, and depending on your age there's a guide recommended level to achieve .

Once you reach your target level you go to completing the exercises just 3 days a week and still keep your fitness.

I realise I'm only a little way in - but I already can't wait to get on to the 2nd stage and try the slightly more advanced exercises.

The chart says my target level is 22, but I can't wait to see if I can get past that one too.

Blimey, I've never been so enthusiastic about exercising before!!!