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Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible with Food and Exercise Diary

Special Offer:
Calorie Bible 2019 and Daily Food Diary Bundle

RRP £27.98, Save £10.00


Time and again research has shown that people who keep a food diary are more successful at losing weight. This bundle has everything you need to make that easy...

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New for 2019

Veg-Up! Recipe book cover

Veg-Up! Recipe Book

RRP £12.99, Save £2.00


Easy, Meat-Free, Calorie Counted Recipes for Everyone

Calorie Carb & Fat Bible 2019

RRP £19.99, Save £5.00


The Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible tells you what's in what you eat from a humble carrot to a gourmet meal out.

Strength training with resistance bands exercise book with medium resistance band

Resistance Band Workout Book with Medium Resistance Band

RRP £9.98, Save £1.00


Buy a resistance band with an illustrated resistance band exercise book and save 10%


Delish diet plan book cover

Build Your Own Delish Diet Plan

RRP £9.99, Save £2.00


Diets don't have to be bland and boring, you can make 27,000 menu combinations with this book!

wlr Portion Pot

The wlr Portion Pot


Quick and Convenient. The easy way to get the right portion size of your pasta, rice and breakfast cereals

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator disc

BMI Calculator Disc


Sold singly or in packs of 10, the BMI Calculator Disc is the perfect, simple tool to track your BMI.

Top Selling Books

Strength training with resistance bands exercise book cover

Strength Training with Resistance Bands


Simple exercises and workouts for resistance bands that will help you build strength and burn calories.

wlr Food and exercise diary

Food and Exercise Diary

RRP £7.99, Save £3.00


Change your eating habits with the 12 week Food and Exercise Diary. It will help you stick to your calorie allowance and show you how to make healthier choices in the future.

New start new me book cover

New Start New Me!

RRP £7.99, Save £2.00


With your help, this little book will give you a great start along the path of successful, long term, weight loss. Find out more

Fad free recipe book cover

Fad Free Recipes


50 Real Food Recipes for Under 500 Calories. Just cook, serve and enjoy!


wlr Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Resources' Kit

RRP £44.99, Save £5.00


Everything you need to get started losing weight - discover the Weight Loss Resources kit...

wlr Little book of weight loss habits cover

The Little Book of Weight Loss Habits

RRP £7.99, Save £3.00


Build habits to lose weight without feeling deprived.

5bx and xbx fitness plan book covers

Physical Fitness Plans


Get fit and stay fit in the time it takes to drive to the gym!

5BX 11-minute plan for men

XBX 12-minute plan for women

Calorie counting essential books - food jotter, favourites and recipes

Calorie Counting Essentials


Three great little books to help keep track of the calories in the foods and drinks you eat - designed to work alongside our bestselling Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible...

Popular Charts and Calculators

10 pack wlr results graphs

Results Graph - 10 Pack


A great motivator - record your weight, week by week. It's very satisfying to see a downward line emerging!

Laminated body mass index (bmi) chart

Body Mass Index Chart


This laminated A3 body mass index chart makes it quick and easy to see the BMI ranges as well as determine what weight range you are in.

wlr tables and charts booklet cover

Tables and Charts Booklet


Use the calorie charts to find out how many calories needed to lose weight at a healthy rate. Also includes height and weight charts, BMI charts and more.

wlr food and exercise jotter cover

Food and Exercise Jotters

from £2.99

Handy food jotters to keep on top of calories consumed and exercise completed throughout the day.

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Books

The essenstial guide to cholesterol book cover

The Essential Guide to Cholesterol


The ultimate guide to help you manage your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

The essential guide to food for health book cover

The Essential Guide to Food for Health


The ultimate nutritional guide to self-sufficient health and wellbeing; it shows you how to look after your health using everyday foods

Forget the fear of food book cover

Forget The Fear Of Food


Forget the Fear of Food helps you through the course of action of altering your mentality about food.

The essential guide to weight loss book cover

The Essential Guide to Weight Loss

RRP £9.99, Save £2.50


The Essential Guide to Weight Loss is the ultimate self-help guide to losing and maintaining weight effectively and healthily.