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WLR Recipe Database

Our database has thousands of calorie counted low fat recipes. Make your own low fat healthy meals.

WLR Recipe Database

Want to find a curry recipe with less than 500 calories, a low fat quick lunch or a pudding that won't pile on the pounds?

WLR's database has thousands of recipes to choose from, from quick and simple to a cordon bleu challenge.

You can search the recipe database by calorie, fat, fibre, protein or carb content. Find your favourite ingredients to make a low fat treat, or browse through recipe categories for inspiration. There's pasta dishes, vegetarian dishes, breakfasts, chicken dishes, sweet treats and cakes plus lots more.

All the recipes in the database give calories and full nutrition info per serving, so you can see exactly how good they are for you.

Best of all you can access the database free, for 24 hours - start a Free Trial Now.

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Get inspiration from hundreds of calorie counted recipes in the Weight Loss Resources' Database or create your own and know what you are eating. Try it free for 24 hours.

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