Smoothie Recipe Competition Winners

By WLR's Food Information Executive, Laurence Beeken

Why fit a smoothie into your diet?

We all know that smoothies are great for incorporating fruit and veg into your eating plans, plus they are a quick and convenient way to get a tasty meal.

Smoothies allow you to mix and match your favourite ingredients and help you find the right taste to fit in with your calorie controlled eating plans.

We asked you to send your favourite recipes in and here are the results.

Smoothie Recipe Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who sent in their delicious smoothie recipes. After much deliberation we compiled a shortlist of 9 which were made, tasted and rated. Our tasting panel really enjoyed sampling this one and the winning recipe - was unanimously loved by all.

Winning Recipe: Brainy Bananas

Brainy Banana

Well done Nathalie Fortin-Robertson - a Kenwood Smoothie Juice Bar and a copy of the Innocent Smoothies Recipes Book is on its way to you!


Runners Up

But let's not forget the 5 runners up whose delicious smoothie recipes win them each a copy of the Innocent Smoothies Recipes Book

Mid Morning Boost    Smoothie

Mid Morning Boost

by Isla Cruden


Mango Moment

A Mango Moment

by Nicola Watson


Pear and Cinnamon

Pear and Cinnamon

by Amandine


Kiwi, Mango and   Coconut

Tropical Kiwi, Mango and Coconut

by Hilary Wardle


Ginger that Mango

Ginger that Mango

by Lifeisgood


On the Shortlist

Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest Gateau

by Somebody


Summer Berry Breakfast

Summer Berry Breakfast

by Supafi


Calypso Smoothie

Calypso Smoothie

by Fran Allison


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