Low Fat Pancakes Recipes

All the Pancake recipes you could wish for, basic, sweet, savoury, chocolate - even gluten free!

Low Fat Sweet and Savoury Pancakes

By WLR's Food Information Executive, Laurence Beeken

Pancakes are really easy and something that the whole family can get involved with from making the batter to adding the fillings, and kids love them, especially the flipping!

The most important thing is the temperature of the frying pan and the preparation of the batter. The perfect temperature of the frying pan is when oil starts lightly smoking. It is the time to pour the mixture in.

Low Calorie Basic Pancake Batter Mix

Our basic pancake batter will make 10 pancakes which you can either enjoy on their own with a twist of lime (an additional ½ cal per tsp) or why not try one of our delicious fillings.

Basic pancake mix
Basic pancake mix - 66 calories per pancake

Gluten Free Pancake Mix

Try the WLR Gluten free batter mix for pancakes this Shrove Tuesday and get flipping!

Chocolate pancake mix
Chocolate pancake mix - 152 calories per pancake

Chocolate Pancakes

A bit of a twist on the normal batter mix, try this yummy recipe for chocolate flavoured pancakes.

Savoury pancake recipes
Savoury salmon and cream cheese pancakes - 304 calories per serving

Low Fat Savoury Pancake Fillings

If you fancy something savoury try our tasty Tex-Mex or Avocado and Tomato or Salmon and Cream Cheese fillings - tasted and approved by the WLR tasting team!

Savoury pancake recipes
Raspberry, Coulis and Ice Cream pancake - 124 calories per serving

Low Fat Sweet Pancake Fillings

If sweet's more your thing, try our warm berry; caramelized apple; or banana and maple syrup fillings.

Another important thing to get right is the consistency of your batter. For traditional 'bottom of the frying pan' pancakes, it can't be too runny because will fall to bits but it can't be too thick or have any lumps.

You have the proper consistency when you take a spoon of it and it just falls lightly of it.

Remember to leave the mixture for 20 minutes so that flour has the time to absorb into the milk.

To prepare pancakes use medium sized pan it would be easier to make them.

Serve pancake hot with some sugar and lemon, or take a look at the suggestions below for some more unusual ways to enjoy your pancakes.

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