Healthy Diet Recipes with Chicken
Healthy Diet Recipes with Chicken

Our low fat chicken breast recipes are all suitable for a healthy diet and/or weight loss diet, calorie counted and easy to prepare.

Chicken Breast Recipes

Skinless chicken breast is a good source of protein, which is also low in fat... Yet plain old chicken breast fillets can soon become dull, and dry...

This month, we bring you 3 healthy chicken breast recipes - each with a Chinese twist. Based around the Sharwood's Stir Fry Sauce range (available in most supermarkets!) they're all quick and easy to prepare - and guaranteed to pep up your diet.

Each recipe is ready in 15-30 minutes, low in fat, and under 400 calories a serving.

Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs with Noodles

Chunks of chicken, courgette, peppers and mushrooms threaded onto skewers and coated in Sharwood's Chinese Yellow Bean Sauce, grilled and served on a bed of spicy noodles. Delicious!

Chicken and Spring Vegetable Stir Fry

Stir fried chicken with fresh spring vegetables cooked in Sharwood's Black Bean Sauce - served with noodles. Quick and extremely easy... Plus one serving provides 1.6 portions of your 5-a-day fruit and veg quota!

Chicken Pancakes

A lower fat alternative to Duck Pancakes, our quick and tasty chicken ones can be served as a midday snack or accompanied with our Vegetable Chow Mein to make a healthy main meal... Mmm!

And if You're Using the Whole Chicken...

Why not try our recipe for diet chicken soup, taken from our 'Diet on a Budget' meal plan.

The Budget Diet Plan helps you maximise the food you buy, so healthy eating and dieting don't have to cost a fortune!

More Healthy Diet Recipes

If you need ideas and inspiration for low fat recipes that taste good and fill you up, take a peek into the Weight Loss Resources databases. You'll find meals, snacks, sweets and savouries, low in calories, good to eat and easy to prepare. You can also create your own diet recipes - simply find your ingredients in the Weight Loss Resources food database and the programme will tell you how many calories per serving. You can access the programme and databases free, for 24 hours.

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