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Low Calorie Fish Recipes

This month's low calorie recipes are for virtuous fish. Quick, easy and bursting with flavour, low calorie has never tasted so good!

Flavoursome Fish

Think fish... think fish n chip shop? No. Stop, and think again. There's so much more to fish than chips (and batter)!

Flavoursome, low calorie, versatile and packed with health benefits, fish is also extremely quick to prepare and cook. Take a peek at the different varieties on offer in your local supermarket or fishmongers. There's an abundance of new tastes and textures available to add a little spice into your meal times.

This month, to get you into the swim of things, we bring you four fabulous fish recipes. Ready in 15-30 minutes, they're also under 450 calories a serving! Isn't it time you gave fish a go?

Try our tasty dishes:

Tiger Prawn Stir Fry

Spicy Tiger Prawn Stir Fry

More meaty than fishy, tiger prawns are the perfect choice of seafood for beginners! For prawn lovers, this superbly spicy dish is bursting with flavour and great fun to prepare...

White Fish Waffles

White Fish Waffles

Because you need only frozen and store-cupboard ingredients, these White Fish Waffles make the perfect quick-fix meal (that's fun for kids too).

Mackerel with Teriyaki

Mackerel with Teriyaki

Low calorie, but super tasty, this sticky teriyaki mackerel with noodles is rather moreish.

Griddled Salmon with Tomato Sauce

Griddled Salmon with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Appearances can be deceptive! This simple salmon dish won't leave you slaving in the kitchen, yet looks sophisticated enough for guests (and tastes delicious too!)

More Low Calorie Recipes

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