Barbecue Competition Winning Recipes

The WLR team was happy to be invited to a barbecue recently. All set with bottles of propane and beer the only thing missing was the food. We called on visitors to the site to offer their suggestions for a calorie conscious, flavour focused barbecue recipe. After taking a handful of these new ideas and giving them a true baptism of fire all that was left was to scrape up the ashes of truth...

Click the names for nutrition info and the barbecue recipes. Cooking times may vary for your particular grill; just make sure foods are cooked thoroughly before you eat.

Chicken Mince Kebabs
Aasia Bib

BBQ Tiger Prawns/Coriander
Denise Wright

Really Easy Tuna
Julie Callow

Also shortlisted:

Roasted Vegetable Kebabs

Roasted Vegetables
Vikki Spence

Greek Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken

Greek Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken
Katherine Jones

Garlic Cheesy Mushrooms

Garlic Cheesy Mushrooms
Sian McCoy

An interesting bunch of dishes across an impressive range of foods. You're sure to find at least one of these recipes will liven up any grill without troubling the typically short preparation times of most barbecues.

The recipes here have proved to us there can be more to barbecuing than simply throwing another pack of frozen burgers or sausages onto a grill. There was definitely something here to light the spark of creativity in all of us.

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