Cook Yourself Thin on Channel 4

A great new series which does exactly what it says on the tin: Cook Yourself Thin gives viewers the opportunity to do just that.

Hosted by four food and fun-loving fabulous cooks: Harry, Gizzi, Sal and Sophie; Cook Yourself Thin will tempt you into the kitchen for fantastic food that won’t make you fat.

Armed with their skinny secrets and a ballistic bomb calorie counter, they set out to prove that you can drop a dress size in six weeks and still stuff your face.

The fab four are serious foodies, who won’t make any compromises when it comes to flavour – their dishes, first and foremost, must taste great. Watch the programme to learn their tricks.

These girls don’t do denial. Burgers, curries, and chocolates are all on the menu and won’t pile on the pounds when you do them the Cook Yourself Thin way.

Cook Yourself Thin is on Channel 4 Tuesdays at 8.30pm from the 7th of August for six weeks – for more information about the show check out

The Cook Yourself Thin website is packed with tools and lots of recipes to help you lose weight along with the programme; find out more at

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