Pumpkin soup with fresh pumpkins in bowl

Butternut Squash & Thyme Soup Recipe

By the wlr team

This soup is so low calorie you don’t need to feel guilty about how creamy it tastes. Full of root veggie goodness this recipe is delicious served up with pitta bread or some fresh crusty bread.

  • Recipe makes: 6 servings
  • Prep time:
    20 mins
  • Cook time: 20 mins
  • Calories: 88
    per serving


  • 640g butternut squash
  • 480g onion
  • 200ml smooth fresh orange juice
  • 10g fresh thyme
  • 3g bouillon powder
  • 9g garlic


  1. Par boil the squash first to make it easier to peel. Chop the squash roughly and add to a large pot with some low cal spray oil.
  2. Chop onions and garlic roughly and add. Fry gently for 5 - 10 mins then add the a litre and a half of boiling water (or just one litre if you prefer a thicker soup), boullion powder (to taste - normally use around 3 tablespoons) and orange juice.
  3. Simmer for 15 minutes or until vegetables are soft.
  4. Chop the thyme finely (again adjust according to taste) and add before taking the soup mixture and blending it in a food processor

To add some extra protein swirl a table spoon of organic low fat yoghurt in at the end. Alternatively pumpkin can be used. Serve with some rye bread or half a wholemeal pita for a really low GI snack.

Nutrition information per serving
Calories (kcal)88
Carbohydrate (g)19.3
Fat (g)0.4
Protein (g)2.6
Fibre (g)3.0
Alcohol (g)0.0
Fruit & Veg3.0

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