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Wholemeal Wrap Recipe

By the wlr team

The perfect sides to any curry, or the perfect snack to have with your lunch, try these home made whole meal wraps. They’re low in calories and low in fat and only have 3 ingredients, what could be easier?

  • Recipe makes: 6 wraps
  • Prep time:
    20 mins
  • Cook time: 10 mins
  • Calories: 117
    per wrap


  • 200g brown chapati flour
  • 10g light olive oil

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  1. Rub oil into flour til it's light breadcrumbs.
  2. Add some boiling water and stir. The amount of water will depend so add slowly.
  3. Bring the dough together and knead for 3-5mins. It should be soft and smooth.
  4. If you have time, let the dough rest for 10mins, but if not, split into balls (approx size of a golf ball but depends how big you like your wrap), flour a chopping board and get rolling!
  5. Heat a dry frying pan (i.e. no oil) to a medium temp. After 3mins (to get to level temp) lay your first wrap in the pan.
  6. As soon as you see steam rising (bout 25secs), flip it over. After another minute pop it under a preheated hot grill and see it bubble up.
  7. Turn it over to make sure both sides are cooked (1min max each side).

Stack em up and either eat them fresh or let the stack cool and freeze.

Nutrition information per wrap
Calories (kcal)117
Carbohydrate (g)24.6
Fat (g)1.0
Protein (g)3.9
Fibre (g)0.0
Alcohol (g)0.0
Fruit & Veg0.0

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