Martini, Cocktail Recipe


Get stuck into this classic cocktail with no worries about the calories. Low carb and low fat, choose between accompaniments or go bold with an olive and lemon together.

  • Recipe makes: 1 martini
  • Prep time:
    5 mins
  • Calories: 204
    per martini


  • 2 pub shots gin
  • 1 shot dry vermouth
  • 1 green pitted olive
  • 1 lemon slice


  1. Put the gin, vermouth and ice into a shaker; shake it for 15-30 seconds and strain the drink into a cocktail glass (leaving the ice behind).
  2. Drop an olive in the bottom and a slice of lemon on the side.
Nutrition information per martini
Calories (kcal)204
Carbohydrate (g)1.7
Fat (g)0.4
Protein (g)0.1
Fibre (g)0.2
Alcohol (g)27.9
Fruit & Veg0.1

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