Highlanders Pot Roast Beef Recipe

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Try this low calorie beef recipe for your Sunday night roast. Pop it in the oven and then sit back and wait while it cooks away. Serve with roast potatoes.

  • Recipe makes: 3 servings
  • Cook time: 2 hrs 30 mins
  • Calories: 447
    per serving


  • 700g Beef, Topside, Oven Roast, Scottish, Asda
  • 2 Tsps/10ml Oil, Sunflower, Average
  • 2 Med/360g Onions, Raw, Average
  • ½ Tsp/2.5g Sugar, Muscovado, Light, Average
  • 150ml Wine, Red, Average
  • 150ml Stock Cubes, Beef Flavour, Made Up, Oxo
  • 1 Tsp/0.6g Bay Leaves, Dried, Average
  • 1 Tsp/1g Thyme, Fresh, Average



Preheat the oven to 160/325/Gas mark 3


Season meat with salt and pepper.

Heat half oil in large non stick frying pan and fry onions over low heat for 10 mins.

Stir in sugar and cook for 1-2 mins more.

Remove from heat and spread onions over base of large flame proof casserole.

Wipe out pan.

Heat remaining oil in pan and fry meat briskly on all sides to seal.

Place meat on top of onions.

Add wine, stock and herbs.

Cover and cook in centre of oven for 2 and half hours.

Remove herb sprigs, carve meat and serve with onion gravy spooned over.
Nutrition information per serving
Calories (kcal)447
Carbohydrate (g)15.3
Fat (g)12.9
Protein (g)57.8
Fibre (g)1.8
Alcohol (g)5.8
Fruit & Veg1.6

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