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About Weight Loss Resources

Weight Loss Resurces is an evidence-based, comprehensive programme for people who want to lose weight healthily.

We're different from other weight loss programmes and apps, in that we take a holistic approach that includes the psychological and emotional aspects of weight loss as well as the practical.

We're home to the UK’s best kept calorie and nutrition database, updated on a daily basis and intelligently indexed for ease of use.

Our team, from the consistently loved Helpteam, to dietitians and developers, are passionate about continuing to create the best tools we can for our members. Everyone takes part in that process. We keep up to date, and grapple with the most difficult weight loss issues - not just the mechanical.

Possibly most importantly, we live in the real world. We understand the pleasures, pain and pressures that affect eating and exercise habits. (We too have a spare desk in the office that seems to attract cake.)

How we can help

For People who Want to Lose Weight

The easiest way to get to know WLR is to take a free trial . . ask a question or two on the message boards . . maybe join a challenge to get started.

It's a big programme that can help in lots of different ways, depending on what your needs and circumstaces are at the moment.  You can start a free trial here

Call the Helpteam on 01733 345592 or email and ask them about a specific issue, or just tell them you'd like some help getting started.

If you'd prefer to get to know us a little better before taking a free trial, you can get our newsletter - we send three or four editions a month, depending on what's going on in the world of weight loss.

For Companies who Need Nutrition and other Facts

We can supply food data, calculated nutrition information for new food products, statistics and other information. Contact with a brief outlie of your requirements.


Benefits of Weight Loss Resources Membership

  • No food is banned
  • Easy to use, just point and click
  • Easily keep track of your own nutrition, exercise, measurements and weight loss progress.
  • Provides you with the tools that you need to take control of your own weight loss and fitness goals
  • Browse the largest food database in the UK
  • Create your own recipes and plans or use ours to create healthy meals
  • Turn your computer into your personalised weight loss mentor
  • Answer only a few questions before you can start your weight loss goals
  • Our free trial is just that...... free (no credit card details required)
  • Takes the guess work out of weight loss
  • Teaches you how to spot unhealthy choices
  • No need for specialist knowledge or expensive foods

Food Diary

  • Food Diary - tracks calories, fruit and veg portions, water, fat, protein, carbs etc.
  • Food Database - the biggest, most up-to-date UK food database on the web
  • Food Planner - create your own diet plans and shopping lists
  • Recipes - Calorie count your own recipes
  • Recipes Database - get ideas from thousands of calorie-counted recipes
  • Journal - make notes, reminders and comment

Exercise Diary

  • Exercise Diary - keeps track of exercise you do and calories you burn
  • Exercise Database - with calories burned info for 100s of exercises
  • Exercise Planner - create, calorie count and print your exercise plan
  • Earn extra calories to eat!

Goals and Results

  • Set a weight loss goal and see what date you'll get there
  • Keep track of weight, body fat percentage and inches lost
  • Get reports and charts on your progress

Members Forum

  • Weight Loss Resources Message Boards are the place to get motivated, inspired and have some fun
  • Get help and support from people who've been there and done it
  • Make new friends and share experience with like-minded people

Helpteam and Dietitian

  • Get Support 7 days a week until 6:30pm
  • Weight Loss Resources Helpteam members are trained in nutrition and understand the problems people can face
  • Get answers, articles and reports from top dietitians.

See the Whole Programme

Weight Loss Resources provides tools and information to control your weight by getting your calorie balance right and learning what suits you. You can access the calorie database and keep an online food diary, free, for 24 hours.

Contact the Press Office

We are here to answer your queries, and provide case studies and expert advice and information on weight loss, diets, nutrition, healthy eating and fitness.

Contact us on 01733 345592 or email


Contact the Press Office

We are here to answer your queries, and provide case studies and expert advice and information on weight loss, diets, nutrition, healthy eating and fitness.

Contact us on 01733 345592 or email

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New for 2018

Calorie Carb and Fat Bible 2018
  • 25,000+ UK basic and branded foods
  • Completely Updated for 2018
  • New Eating Out section, all major UK restaurants covered
  • Easy to find foods
  • Calories burned information

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