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Flexible, Quick and Easy-to-Follow Meal Plans, to Fit the Lifestyle You Love!

Where can you find a diet plan that suits your lifestyle; allows for good food, drinks and treats; is simple, effective... and will give you the results you want? 

The answer... PlanBot by Weight Loss Resources – an easy to follow diet plan to fit around your lifestyle to give you the results you want. 

PlanBot by Weight Loss Resources

PlanBot is a personalised diet plan with a difference - its benefits are completely tailored to fit in around your lifestyle - family responsibilities, work schedules and busy social life.

PlanBot offers a sensible approach to weight loss. It features meal plans which range from quick food (ideal if you’re ‘on-the-go’) right up to delicious home cooked meals, made with real food and perfectly suitable for families or when having friends for dinner.

We work out the calories you need to lose weight, so all you need to do is eat the foods you love and enjoy life.

Our Members agree…

“One of the best things is the food suggested... I hate diet plans which comprise unusual food, difficult to source or not likely to be favourites.”

You can even try it for free and see how easy PlanBot will fit into your lifestyle.

How Does PlanBot Work?

PlanBot takes away the hassle of planning healthy nutritionally balanced meals. We work it all out for you, giving you more time to spend on life, whilst still helping you stay on track with your weight loss goal.

We take the time to understand your needs, your lifestyle and how you want to achieve your goals. A specially designed short questionnaire tells us the foods you like, discovers your current eating pattern, and creates a Diet Plan with meals and snacks (if you want them) that fits into your lifestyle.

Your meal plan is completely tailored to you.

You can follow your PlanBot meal plan wherever you are (it’s available on mobile and tablet too!), whatever you’re doing, it really is that easy and that flexible.

You can also swap meals, plan meals for the whole family or make your shopping list for the week, PlanBot does it all.

Our nutritionally qualified Helpteam will also be on hand to provide support, tips and motivation to keep you going. Plus, you’ll get 24/7 access to our inspirational Members Community, where you can find like-minded online friends with goals to achieve, just like you.

“I LOVE it!  It's so clear, nice on the eye and easy to use”

Just one of the comments from our Members.

You can take a free 24hr trial to see how easy PlanBot really is and the results you can achieve.

What’s Different About PlanBot?

Nothing is off limits; there are no banned foods... so you can still have your favourite glass of wine with dinner, snacks in the daytime or treats at the weekend. How?

PlanBot allocates "Flex" calories as part of your daily plan. Already factored into your daily calorie allowance for weight loss, 'Flex' calories allow you the freedom and flexibility to have the foods and drinks you can't live without and still stay on target.

There's no need to deny yourself an occasional chocolate fix, glass of wine (or beer), packet of crisps or even your daily cuppa... Simply 'spend' your 'Flex' calories in our Treat Selector which

  • Features popular sweet treats, savoury treats, healthy treats, alcohol and drinks
  • Shows only items within your 'Flex' allowance (keeping you on track)
  • Remembers treats you've chosen recently

Alternatively use your 'Flex' calories to swap your meal using our 'Bigger' facility which

  • Shows you bigger breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Uses your 'Flex' calories to keep you within your daily calorie allowance
  • Offers you flexibility — great for weekends.

How Will PlanBot Benefit Me?

PlanBot does it all. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fully nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • Meals to fit your lifestyle - from quick and easy to home cooked recipes
  • Understands your likes & dislikes & allows for meal swapping
  • Choose treats from alcohol, drinks, healthy, sweets or savouries
  • Easy to update on your mobile or tablet
  • Earn extra calories by adding in exercise
  • See your weight loss progress with easy to read charts and graphs.
  • 24/7 support, motivation & tips from WLR Helpteam and Community Forums.

It Sounds Ideal, Can I Try it Out?

Yes, absolutely. Come and take a free 24hour trial (no credit card needed) and see how PlanBot can help you lose weight, and keep it off, for good!

Our Members agree…

“I really like it. It was easy to set up and understand”

PlanBot by Weight Loss Resources. Simple, Personalised Diet Plans

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