By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

How much you need each day:

There’s no RNI. A safe intake is considered to be 10-200mcg

Why you need it:

This belongs to the B vitamin group and is needed for energy production and to metabolise proteins and fats.

It’s also needed for healthy skin and hair.

Good food sources:

Biotin is found in liver, yeast extract, beans, nuts, wholegrains, brown rice, milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs.

Too little:

A deficiency is rare but can cause tiredness, nausea, thinning of the hair, skin rashes and depression.

Top tip:

Eat a varied diet that includes plenty of different foods from the four main food groups and it’s likely you’ll get enough biotin in your daily diet.

How to get enough:

Food Biotin Content (mcg)
100g grilled lamb’s liver 41
40g All-bran 8
300ml semi-skimmed milk 6
200g can baked beans 5
150g pot low-fat fruit yoghurt 3
1 slice wholemeal bread 2

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