A member of the rose family, peaches are available almost all year. Fresh, canned or frozen, peaches are nutritious; packed with vitamins A and C. Sodium free, they also act as a gentle laxative and contain iron and potassium. Eating peaches every day can also be a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and bright. 

The fruit insides are either yellow or white. White insides have a sugary flavour whilst the yellow insides are more acidic and generally are more flavoursome.

  • Cut slices to top your breakfast cereal; 
  • Enjoy as a light, healthy snack; 
  • Add to yoghurts and cottage cheese;
  • Throw into a fruit salad;
  • Blend peaches to make a delicious smoothie.
Table: Nutritional Information for
1 Medium Peach/110g
Calories (kcal)


Protein (g) 1.0
Carbohydrate (g) 7.9
Fat (g) 0.1
Fibre (g) 1.5

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