Printable diet planning sheet for 1 week

Make Your Own Plan

Planning your own daily menus for weight loss takes a little time, but the reward of a plan that suits you 100% is worth it.

The planning template here will help you organise for a week without missing anything out.

Download the PDF 

Diet planning sheet
Download a weekly diet meal planner sheet to scribble on

Calorie Count Your Plan

Once you’ve got some ideas you need to start thinking about how many calories you need each day to lose weight and how you want to apportion those calories throughout the day. You can find out the amount of calories you need to lose weight at your chosen rate in WLR, take a free trial.

Then it’s a question of calorie counting your ideas and matching them, or adjusting them, to suit the eating slots you have on your plan. The Calorie Carb and Fat Bible is a great way to do this if you'd rather scribble than tap and click.

How To Allocate Calories

You should allow an ‘eating slot’ for every time you normally eat in a day.

For example, if you eat:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner
  • Evening snack

And your chosen calorie allowance is 1400 per day, your plan may look like this:

  • Breakfast (250 calories)
  • Lunch (350 calories)
  • Afternoon Snack (100 calories)
  • Dinner (450 calories)
  • Evening Snack, or maybe a small glass of wine (120 calories)

That comes to 1270 calories, leaving you 130 calories for drinks throughout the day. (Water’s great – no calories, black coffee or tea are also almost zero calories if you don’t add sugar.)

If you don’t snack between meals, then you could eat more at meal times, for example:

  • Breakfast (300 calories)
  • Lunch (400 calories)
  • Dinner (600 calories)

Giving you 1300 calories with 100 left for drinks.

Think about times when you prefer to eat the most, and allow for a higher proprtion of your planned calorie intake for them.

For more detailed guidance on planning a diet see: How to Plan a Diet for Weight Loss

Plan Your Own Diet

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