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Simple 1lb a Week Difference

Duh! When you see the results of this study, you’ll probably have one of those ‘I knew that already’ moments. But this is actually the first controlled trial to directly compare differences in calorie intake and weight gain from eating processed or unprocessed food.

It’s a pound a week’s worth of difference, find out more

Walk Out, Lose Weight and Get a Medal

You need to clock up less hours to make the medals in this year’s Walk the Weight Off Challenge. In fact, some members have already got a Bronze, SoupDragon’s is hanging on her fridge door.

All agree that it’s great to have real medals – start walking for yours today

12 Stones Lost!

Elaine started walking her 12 stone off by going from her front door to the first lamp post, then increasing a little each day. It's hard to imagine how far that took her but the pictures help, see for yourself

6 Proven Habits for Successful Weight Loss

There are many, often conflicting, theories and lists of should and shouldn’t eats in the dieting world. So we thought it would be a good idea to ditch the theory and go straight to the heart of the matter – what works for most people who lose weight and keep it off.

Here’s 6 behaviours such people rely on to get and stay slim, you only need to adopt 5 of them to be successful, see what they are

Plan to Keep Hunger at Bay

Eating Low Gi is an effective way of keeping hunger under control, here’s our 7 day plan

Helen Mirren’s 12-Minute Workout

In the news again when a Telegraph reporter gave it a go, Dame Helen Mirren’s favourite workout’s no secret to wlr; it has been a popular item in member packs.

Helen says she’s used the plan for years, find out more

Lose it in 6 Weeks

Sometimes it's easier to commit to doing something you want to do, that you think is going to be quite difficult, if you decide to do it for a fixed period of time. We get on just fine with things like Dry January and the November Veg Pledge.

We think it's a great tactic for getting a chunk of weight lost.

Six weeks is an ideal fixed period. Here's how to lose it in 6 weeks

Super Simple 10 Minute Muscle Workout

Lack of time is often the reason why many of us either don't start, or give up on, looking after our muscles. Maybe it feels like an unnecessary indulgence, but neglected muscles start to trickle away in our 30s - along with their metabolism boosting magic.

The good thing is you don't need to do a lot to make a difference. These 5 moves, 3 times a week, could have you noticing nice changes after only 2 weeks - get the workout

Should You Eat Breakfast?

Possibly not if your goal is to shed pounds. This new systematic review shows 'the most important meal of the day' may not be helping people control their weight, find out more

Can you lose a stone in a week?

Surprisingly it is possible – but over 80% of the loss will be water and whatever energy you have stored in your muscles. Here’s how the illusion works

How Much Willpower to Lose It?

Err, none?

Karen, who lost 5½ stone, says “When people say to me ‘You must have so much willpower’ I feel I have to explain that if it had been up to willpower I would have stayed at 17 stone.” Read how she did do it

Go Mediterranean - the Easy Way to Eat Less

This study throws some light on why eating Med style is such a good strategy for shedding pounds, get the results

If you're not sure where to get started with Mediterranean food take a look at wlr's Med Plan

If You Can Do it at 72 . . .

Yo-yoing's not just for the girls. Robin did it for years before finally taking control and losing 5 stone. He says, "I want to share my wisdom on this journey and what changed to allow me to stop yo-yo dieting and achieve not just my optimum weight but also a huge improvement in my health, energy and wellbeing." Make a cuppa, it's an in-depth story

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