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24 New Low Cal Tipples

You would have thought you had mistakenly wandered into a bar if you had visited the WLR offices this week - bottles and glasses way too close to keyboards. The team enjoyed this taste test . . . here's the results

Slim and Sizzle with the Mediterranean Plan

Feeling summery? Now could be a good time to get all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and we’ve created a new low calorie version so you can get all the taste and still drop the pounds. There’s a PDF to make it easy to follow – get the plan

11 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Cut Cals

It’s not all about filling most of your plate with salad, or eating smaller portions. Here’s 11 ways to make sneaky calorie cuts you may not have thought of, take a peek

Flat Belly Starts Here!

Designed by top conditioning coach Mark Hatfield, the exercises in our flat belly workout give you a variety of speeds, loads and forces to totally challenge and tone your tummy and torso. Get the workout

Step on the Scales to Success

This new study into self-weighing frequency and body weight backs up previous research, showing that daily weighing moves the needle in the right direction, find out more

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