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Fat Nation – The Big Challenge

Fat Nation is the BBC’s latest campaign to motivate the nation into a slimmer healthier lifestyle. The nine part series kicks off their two year Big Challenge campaign.

Presenter Matt Allwright takes people living in an ‘ordinary’ street in Birmingham through their paces with the F-Team – a nutritionist, a fitness expert and a psychologist. People at home can join in by taking part in a series of 9 challenges given to the street residents.

The programme is followed by Fat Nation on Three at 9pm, which aims to give a more scientific look at weight loss and exercise.

Some comments from the WLR Fat Nation message boards:


liked their skipping bit last night.. and today out of curiosity, I checked and if I skip for 5 min I would burn 50 cals!!!!! Well that is me, I shall buy a skipping rope this weekend.. Much better than the blooming great big mini trampoline... that I will sell!



Have you tried skipping for 5 minutes recently? I think i managed a minute and a half last time i tried :/

Maybe i should dig out my skipping rope and have another go. I wouldn't give up on the rebounding just yet tho



Yes, there's a reason it burns so many calories...

I bought an adult skipping rope at my sons' school - they had a skipping workshop by the British team (bet you didn't know we had one!) but not only is it really, really exhausting, you actually need quite a bit of room to do it.


Didn't rate last night as much as last week.......

There were just tooooooo many clips from last week, that my brain got all fuddled....

But as for this weeks challenge -- as long as I put all the stuff hubby buys for himself in the small fridge (so I only have to report on the large 'family' one) then I can claim it was completed as they announced it!

That makes me feel better for not having completed last weeks challenge yet :o))))))



Didn't rate last night as much as last week.......

I agree- very messyily put together and a bit over patronising... I gave up and found out how to light fires by friction on BBC2 instead. Very useful if I am ever stranded in the jungle...


Didn't rate last night as much as last week.......



Didn't rate last night as much as last week.......

Scuse my higgerance T, but wotsat meen???

And is there another translation of LOL? I always thort it were "lots of love" but some folks seem to use it in odd places for that?????

My brain's hard pressed enuf trying to keep up with what I'm eating and earning, let alone learning a new language!!!

luv jen x


Didn't rate last night as much as last week.......

ROFL = Rolling Over Floor Laughing

LOL = Lots Of Laughs


More on the Big Challenge:


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