Embarrassing Fat Bodies

By WLR's Site Manager, Laurence Beeken

Obesity and overweight bodies are the subject of Embarrassing Fat Bodies, a spin off from the popular Embarrassing Bodies show on Channel 4.

Like Channel 4's Supersize vs Superskinny, the show is hosted by TV celebrity doctor, Dr Christian Jessen. Embarrassing Fat Bodies looks at the effects of obesity and being overweight and the problems and risks associated with it.

For those of you who haven’t seen Embarrassing  Fat Bodies, this mini series follows a number of overweight patients at the embarassing bodies clinic as they seek treatment for their obesity problems.

The programme features some pretty graphic scenes of weight loss surgery and full frontal nudity, so is not for the squeamish. Covering the health risks and consequences of obesity, it does go to show the effects of obesity on health and the problems of being overweight.

What can I expect to see?

In the first series, the doctors followed Glenn, whose stomach oedema touched the floor, and successful slimmer Julia, whose new slim frame was draped in excess skin.

The second programme met a husband and wife couple with a combined weight of 52 stone, and a 21-year-old Mum whose life was ruled by her enormous J cup breasts.

In episode 3, Dr Pixie McKenna dealt with three huge hernias, and Dr Christian met Malissa Jones, who made headlines in 2008 for being the world's first teenager to undergo a gastric band operation.

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In the second series, the embarassing fat bodies doctors start with a look at how obesisty and high BMI can ruin sex lives.

  • Dr Christian meets a 37 stone man desperate to start a family.
  • Dr Dawn helps a bride to be plus a woman whose breasts alone push her body mass index into the obese category.
  • Dr Pixie meets a man who lost a staggering 27 stone, just by counting calories and exercising while Dr Dawn gets to the bottom of what really turns women on... sex or cake?

In episode 2, more overweight people are assessed.

  • Dr Christian meets a woman whose excessive eating has left her with a growth on her leg which weighs the same as a small child.
  • Dr Dawn meets a man with surplus skin.
  • Dr Pixie helps a woman who wheels round her kitchen on an office chair because her joints and circulation cannot take her 33 stone weight.

Also in this episode, Dr Christian dons a 'fat suit' to carry out a series of intense exercises while Dr Dawn and volunteer Karen check in at Coventry's University Hospital's Flab Lab to be locked away for a 24 hour groundbreaking experiment where every bodily function - from poo to pee, eating to sweating - is monitored to find out how fat works and what it does to us.

When is Embarrassing Fat Bodies aired?

You can watch the current series of Embarrassing Fat Bodies on Channel 4, every Monday at 9pm starting from January 07th 2013.

Or if you’re out late, it’s repeated on Channel 4 + 1 at 10pm and of course you can catch up on 4oD and 4seven.

WLR Says

Ultimately, weight related health issues are best prevented from the outset by following a healthy lifestyle and getting pleanty of regular exercise.  If you are at any time concerned about your weight, speak to a professional before secondary problems arise.

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