How to add the wlr Mobile Web App to your Android Home Screen

~ 1 ~

Open Chrome on your mobile and go to wlr

Click on the "Enter" button

~ 2 ~

Click on the "Login" button

(top right of your mobile screen)

Enter your username and password to login to wlr site.

~ 3 ~

Click on the "Three Dots" (in the top right of your mobile screen)

~ 4 ~

Click "Add to Home Screen" button in the menu.

(Note: You may need to scroll to find it)

~ 5 ~

You can rename the bookmark title (optional)

Then click the "Add" button.

~ 6 ~

Now your wlr bookmark is on your home screen!

Go and find it, then click on the bookmark...

~ All Done ~

You are now logged in to wlr from your bookmark.

In future you can click the bookmark on your mobile screen and it will log you straight in :)

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