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Practise Makes Perfect

February 11, 2016

I am not “a natural” in the kitchen. During my schooldays “Domestic Science” would fill me with dread because despite my best efforts the results were never pleasing on the eye. Taste-wise they were fine… but as it was famously one noted that many people “eat with their eyes”.. they gaze upon my efforts and very suddenly lose their appetite… regularly not even attempting a “taste test”.

The result was that “cooking with confidence” was not something that I did regularly.. actually.. I didn’t do any “cooking” at all. The risk-free options provided by the freezer and the microwave meant that I didn’t have to put myself through the trauma of “slaving away in the kitchen”… I could simply pick up a packet of something in the supermarket and in a mere four minutes, hear the “ding” of the microwave and know that there was an edible meal ready to be served.

My reliance on fast food and ready-made options did little to stop my waistline expanding. Combine lack of confidence with laziness. Throw in a penchant for anything wrapped in pastry… and a bar or two of chocolate on a far-too-regular basis and it is easy to see how my girth grew…

Today… I am still not a “natural” in the kitchen… but I am no longer afraid of giving it a go. I did worry in the early days that the cost of “home cooking” would prove far more expensive than “chilled-ready-made” supermarket options and, if I’m being honest, in the early days it seem to be quite pricy. Looking back I can see that a good deal of expenditure when on stocking a non-existent store cupboard. Herbs, spices, seasonings and sundries were not something I had ever needed to bother with. Similarly the chip pan, the frying pan and two roasting trays (both used once a week on Sunday - one for potatoes and parsnips; one for beef/chicken/pork) were all I needed. So when I decided I was going to be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen I did need to splash out on some serious saucepans and non-stick bakeware.

Lovely Husband has long been an exponent of the “right tools for the right job” school of thought and in the case of cookware – he is entirely correct. I had no idea that an omelette could be so pretty and so delicious. In the past they had always ended up as a pan full of brown “sort-of-scrambled-with-a-bit-of-ham (and too much cheese) egg-based mush. I recall even the cat turning her nose up at so and decided it must be a disaster. Fast forward to now. My omelette pan is one of the most used items in my kitchen. It is reserved solely for omelettes (woe betide anyone caught frying surreptious sausages or sneaky streaky bacon in it) and with just a squirt of low-calorie frying spray I consistently turn out beautiful circular omelette cram-jam full of onion, mushrooms, ham and mange tout. Very pretty on the plate; utterly delicious; and completely “WLR” compliant.

I am now also a dab hand at a very low calorie lemon cake; my homemade extra-lean spicy beefburgers are a thing of joy… and my baby “light-roast” potatoes are the food of the gods.

I am still by no means proficient in the kitchen – but the prospect of “proper cooking” no longer terrifies me and I am proof that practice really does make perfect. Sunday afternoons at home mean you will probably find me in the kitchen.. preparing a roast dinner of the very healthiest sort and also cooking up a storm making bolognaise and chilli sauces to put in the freezer; cracking on with a slow-cooker curry and baking cakes for Lovely Husbands lunchtime treats during his working week.

The recipes in the Faff-Free cookbook, and all of those found on the WLR website are tried and tested… and even the most complicated are set out clearly and concisely. And yes, it may still take me a couple of attempts to get it exactly right… but there is a lot of truth in the adage “practice makes perfect”. It also makes for a considerably more healthy menu.. and the hope that my goal weight isn’t too far aware.. and won’t rely on me eating lettuce leaves and crispbread for the rest of my life…

Whether this weekend finds you in the kitchen or out and about – have a great time.

With a hug


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