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New Year Starts Here

January 12, 2016

The “Headspace” is back!

First of all – Happy New Year to you all.   I hope that 2016 brings you all you need to make your heart happy and your soul sing.

As for me… I’m back after a two month break recharged and ready for action.   The reasons for my “time out”  are lengthy and longwinded.  The summary involves very poorly loved ones; hospital visits which required round trips of over 500 miles; trying to keep the pennies coming in to pay the mortgage; and generally not being able to properly follow the wisdom of Weight Loss Resources given the time I was spending in the car and away from my kitchen.  

It seemed utterly hypocritical for me to be sharing my headspace when my focus wasn’t all it should be, so I made the difficult decision to “step back” until the end of the year in the hope that things would calm down; juggling would get less difficult; and I would be ready to face 2016 with a view to finally whittling my waistline to where I want it to be

So…. at the start of 2016 I’ve already declared my “Statement of Intent”  (I much prefer that turn of phrase to “Resolutions”).. my it is my avowed intent to shed the final two stones that I’m currently overloaded with and retrieve the final items from the “still too tight” which live in the spare bedroom wardrobe.

On the “plus” side… despite the difficulties of the past eight weeks – all the WLR wisdom that I’ve accumulated means that whilst I didn’t lose any weight.. I didn’t put any on.  

Given recent events I’m taking that as a positive because in the past I am certain that a weight gain would have been inevitable but even when I was buying a “service-station sausage roll” on the M6, I was still managing to avoid adding a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar to the list of lunch items.

And so my Christmas gift vouchers have now been spent.   A “portion plate” for me (and one for Lovely Husband – who is also refreshed and refocused); several pairs of “workout trousers”; some baggy t-shirts means that I’m “kitted and caboodled” and ready to burn the calories; blast the fat; and finally give my knees a fighting chance of being able to carry me around without twinges.

So.... if you’ll excuse me…I have a packet of lean mince, some mushrooms, chopped onions and tomatoes and the WLR recipe database to peruse.  I’m certain I have all the ingredients for a delicious supper.. which I’ll enjoy once I’ve finished my “80s step workout”…

So here I am .. back on board and ready for action.   Let’s make 2016 fabulous!

With a  Hug

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