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Lemmy, David Bowie, Alan Rickman...

January 18, 2016

How on earth can they be relevant to this blog?  The answer is in almost too many ways to mention.

Firstly, I am sure that most of the WLR members will have encountered at least one performance by one of these men.  Whether it was crying to Truly, Madly Deeply or listening to the lyrics of David Bowie or Motorhead and thinking “that’s me”… their creativity touched so many lives – my own included.

Weight loss is a very personal issue.   We are all here for different reasons and we are all very different people – but I have no doubt at all that at some times in all of our lives we have suffered “low self esteem” – those times when you really don’t like yourself very much.    I am sure we have experienced the hurt of someone judging us unfavourably for who we are.  I know from personal experience that whilst some people like me and find me easy going and warm hearted, others find me opinionated and bombastic… not pleasant to hear but I understand why they have that viewpoint.. and they are perfectly entitled to it.

What they don’t know is the battle I had with bullies in my early teens; the fact that because I was doing something different in my life at that time meant I became a target – just for being different.   I recall vividly sitting in my bedroom clutching precious vinyl and reading the lyric sheets to the albums and thinking “they understand”.

I remember mourning the loss of someone very special to me and watching Mr Rickman.. and realising that the film was telling me that I had to move on.  But moving on sometimes is very difficult to do.

The fact that we are here… all signed up to Weight Loss Resources, means that we have realised that we need to move on.   For whatever reason we have decided to tackle the issue of our size;  our shape; our eating habits; our relationship with food; (…please insert your own reason as applicable).  We have summoned our courage and taken the brave steps to make a change.  And they are brave steps.   It is easy to remain stationary - to find yourself in a place that you are not happy to be in but to just accept that “that’s the way it is”; to accept it as your lot in life and to do nothing.   And as a species.. it is our default setting to be accepting.   To be fearful of the unknown; to question whether we have the courage to change things.   And this is where Lemmy, and David Bowie, and Alan Rickman, and Every Single WLR Member matter.   Sometimes as individuals our courage fails us.   We lose our nerve.   We don’t have enough self-belief or faith in ourselves.   We think that are alone in our circumstance; isolated; unhappy and helpless…. But then you read the song lyrics; you watch something strange and amazing on Top Of The Pops; you hear the words of the Actor… and you are suddenly not alone.

But it isn’t just the song lyrics; the words of the actor; the pages of the book….  It is the forum on WLR;  it is your WLR buddy;  it is you sharing your story which is read by someone you don’t know, someone far away, who connects with your words; your experience; your journey. 

I have commented “professionally” on the loss of the three men in the title of this blog – and I also noticed a great deal of comment along the lines of “why does everyone think they “knew them”?” – implying that unless someone is with you, physically, then you have no right to claim a connection with them.    I contest this view in the strongest possible terms.    I have people I consider to be important to me – who are in my life entirely because of WLR.   We are not related; we have never met in “the real world”; but they have helped me and supported me during my battle whittle my waist.   We have told our stories; shared philosophies; celebrated the “highs”; offered comfort for “the lows”; we have swapped recipes; swapped clothes ideas; swapped “full fat” for “low fat” and each of us have learned something from the life and journey of the other.    Much as the very public lives and journeys of Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman have helped many people on their own journeys.

So .. for as much as I believe each of us is utterly unique and amazing… I also know that we can all learn from others – whether they are close by or in our “wider world”.   Sometimes we need to be brave and courageous – but that is not always easy on your own.   Drawing on the strength, wisdom and experience of others does not make us less courageous – it is brave to put our faith and trust in others.   Luckily the people here on WLR are worthy of that faith and trust.  Collectively – we won’t let each other down.. and individually – we all have something to share which can be the one thing that someone else really, truly, deeply needs.

With a hug


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