Weight Loss Resources gives you all the tools you need to lose weight.


No banned foods, no pills and no fads, WLR helps you lose weight in the way that's most effective for you.

Track your food and calories with ease

Tracking your food and portion sizes is proven to work for weight loss - the WLR food diary makes it easy…

  • UK food database highlighting popular foods for speed.
  • Nothing banned - eat food you enjoy.
  • All calories and nutrition worked out for you - let the system do the hard work.
  • Get inspiration from the extensive diet plans, recipes and meal ideas databases.
  • Calorie count your own recipes and food combinations.
  • Plan ahead and print shopping lists.

Everyone's different when it comes to what approach to losing weight is going to be more successful for them. Here's some great resources to get you started:

"I cannot explain how good I felt when people started to notice the weight loss. I am still getting compliments"

Ann lost 3st 3lbs with WLR*

Find out how you can track your food and calories with ease with our online food diary.

Support when you need it!

Getting started and staying motivated can be some of the biggest barriers to weight loss success. Do you need a little support?

  • Friendly community giving you 24/7 support.
  • Be as public (or as private) as you choose.
  • Find a weight loss buddy - it can really help you to succeed.
  • Qualified and dedicated Helpteam available to you online, by phone or by email.
  • 1 to 1 help is available from your personal coach with the WLR Mentor Service
"The helpteam have been fabulous" Mikey
"With weight loss resources the weight has began to fall off and I'm very happy to say I have lost 13.5lbs in just 8 weeks"

Sue lost a stone in 8 weeks with WLR*

See how you can get support when you need it in our online community

Set a goal that works for you!

Do you know what your healthy weight is? Or how much you should be aiming to lose each week? Goals and results gives you all this info and more...

  • Quickly and easily work out your goal and rate of loss.
  • See exactly how many calories your body needs to lose weight.
  • See the downward trend on your graph - great motivation!
  • Track your inch loss and really see the changes to how you look.
  • Find out when you'll reach your goal.
  • Get awards and trophies along the way to mark your milestones.
"The buzz I get from updating my weight loss chart makes me feel so proud" Carolyn lost 9½ st with WLR*
"Seeing those inches go has really motivated me... I have lost a total of 14 inches"

Linda lost 2st with WLR*

Discover how you can set a goal that works for you with our goal setting and progress tracking tools.

Track your activity and earn extra calories!

Use your exercise diary to keep track of any exercise or activity you do and earn more calories to spend on the food and drink you enjoy most - all the maths is done for you!

  • Earn more calories to 'spend' on your favourites - or to use on special occasions.
  • Choose activities that fit your lifestyle. Housework to gym workouts - it all counts!
  • Create exercise plans that work for you - your favourite activities at your own pace.
"I never knew that simple activities like walking the dog counted... and helped with weightloss"

Martin lost 4st with WLR*

Learn how tracking your activity earns you extra calories with our exercise diary.

A UK food and nutrition database you can trust!

Add to your diary with confidence - our calorie and nutrition database is monitored and verified by humans.

  • Enter food super quickly with the 'popular food' and 'your favourites' tools.
  • See the calories and nutrition for your own recipes or combos easily.
  • See full nutritional info - great if you're watching your fat or carbs intake.
"The WLR tools are very good and I think a bargain for the price"

Jules lost 3½ st with WLR*

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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