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Dieting History

I'd never faced up to the fact that I was overweight before. I was never overweight until about 10 years ago. Up to my early thirties I simply lost weight in the summer months and gained it in the winter months. 

On Being Overweight…

I feel so much happier with myself now. I can actually look in the mirror and not be upset by what I see. What I have achieved has given me more confidence in myself and gives me the motivation to make sure I keep the weight off.

Finding the Motivation

The motivation to lose weight came from my family pointing out to me that I had a problem. It took me a long time to accept that. People started to tease me by calling me "fatty" and "fatboy" and I finally faced up to the fact that I was overweight. I realised that if I didn't do something about it I would have serious trouble trying to lose it because I was gaining weight so rapidly.

Discovering WLR

I typed "weight loss" into an internet search engine and thank goodness WLR was there!

How WLR Helps

The site has given me a way of monitoring my daily calorie intake and allows me to check the nutritional values of the foods I eat. This means I can balance my diet in a way that works for me. I follow the recommended protein, carbohydrate and fat levels quite closely and I know what the impact will be if I decide to allow myself a treat. I used to binge on cheeseburgers and fries but I'm horrified now I know what the calorific values of those are and that has stopped me binging. One of the most important aspects of the site to me has been the help and advice I've received from other people using the site - their support has been terrific, and I know I probably would have given up if it hadn't been for their help.

The Best of WLR

I use the Food Diary to plan foods into my diary early in the day so that I can see exactly how many calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat I'll have. I can then change things if the balance isn't correct before I've eaten the food, when obviously it would be too late. 

Tazza's Tips

The main thing is to be honest with yourself because if you're not it isn't going to work. Also, until you are used to portion sizes or measurements for recipes don't guess them - weigh them - you'll be surprised how far out your guess can be. Above all don't struggle on your own - ask for help and advice, there are people who have experienced the problems you are experiencing and you will get the support you need.

Tazza's Vital Statistics

  Before Now
Weight 14st 2lbs 10st 13lbs

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