Profile – Paula

Dieting History

My first experience with my weight being a problem was being too thin! Before I had my 4 children I was 7 stone 12 pounds. After all my children I ended up looking like I was still pregnant at 12½ stone! 

Like so many others, I started many diets on Monday morning and by Monday lunchtime was back eating all the wrong things. I lost weight with Slimfast, The Atkins Diet and Weightcare, but every time I came off the diet the weight piled back on. I even became a Weightcare instructor after losing weight, but it still all went back on eventually.

On Being Overweight…

  • Buying clothes – anything with an elasticated waste; that way I don't need to buy the size 18-20 I really need…
  • Exercise – who needs it? That's for slim people…
  • Am I happy? – Yes! If I wasn't I'd do something about it…

Finding the Motivation

Not having my photo taken and not looking in mirrors are just two of the things I would do to hide from my size. I became very good at dodging the camera – at least I thought I had… until a visit to a friend's house and there I was, on a photo, just of me! That was it. I had just lost 15 pounds when that photo was taken and felt better about myself, but now I could see I still looked ready to produce that baby at any minute.  

Discovering WLR

I had just decided enough was enough, but realised I had no books with calorific or fat values in them (having thrown them all away when I was happy being fat!) so tried a quick surf to see if anyone out there could help. WLR appeared on my screen. A few minutes later I was convinced I could lose my excess weight and had registered for my free trial!

How WLR Helps

WLR makes eating all the right things a piece of cake, pardon the pun! Because it is so accurate you can see exactly what you have left to eat and give yourself treats with any calories you have left over. Being able to print out reports and charts is a great visual aid that I have never found with any other diet I have tried. It has also encouraged me to exercise with 2-3 trips to the gym a week! 

Paula's Tips

Commit to at least 3 things when you join WLR:

  1. To make sure you get on your computer every day
  2. Allow yourself an extra 20 minutes for your weekly shop, use this time to read labels and discover new products to eat
  3. Weigh everything you eat – don't guess.

Look forward, not back! Relish the thought of being able to go into a shop, pick up a size 12 and fit into it

Be realistic. Be honest. Be sensible. Be fit. Prepare to be amazed!

Paula's Vital Statistics

  Before Now
Weight 11st 10½lb 9st 7lbs 

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