Mindy's Weight Loss Success Story

Dieting History

I'm a serial yo-yo dieter and have tried all the main diets - Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Successful Slimming, Rosemary Conley - and lots of fad diets too - Egg & Grapefruit, Herbalife, Cabbage Soup, Australian Army, Low Carb… Always looking for the easy option. I've finally realised it doesn't exist. I can lose weight on certain fad diets but always revert back to my old eating habits. With Weight Loss Resources I have chosen to lose weight at a slower pace which I believe I can sustain. 

On Being Overweight…

Loss of self-confidence and mood swings. I don't do things I would like to, ie. water slides, swimming (in home town), anything athletic - even for fun with people I know. 

Finding the Motivation

I want to feel better about myself and buy cool/trendy clothes before I get too old. 

Discovering WLR

I found Weight Loss Resources whilst surfing on the internet.

How WLR Helps

Weight Loss Resources has made it easier to see where my calories are coming from. It has encouraged me to exercise more. I have also found the message boards very helpful and supportive - although I don't use them as much now as there are so many people and I can spend hours replying!

Mindy's Tips

Be honest with what you eat, that little square of chocolate today can turn into a whole bar tomorrow.

Drink lots of water - 2-3 litres a day - it helps with bloating and can make it easier to lose fat.

A banana is a wonderful snack, it even comes wrapped!

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