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Dieting History

Firstly, for me it's not a diet! Just a new way of life. I think I must be one of the lucky ones. This is the first time I have seriously tried to lose weight. I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and thought "No!" I work 18 miles away from home and it can take up to 1½ hours to get home. It's no fun being sat on the motorway when you are going no where. So I decided to join a health club - it was on my way home and I could workout for an hour whilst the traffic died down, and still arrive home only 30 minutes later than I would have anyway.

On Being Overweight…

I can honestly say that, now I am almost at what I deem to be my goal, my personal confidence has gone through the roof. Although my wife tends to stress when I won't eat "fatty" foods. Normally when we go away on holiday we would just slob around and do very little, this year, for the first time, I was up first three or four times a week and out for a 2-3k run before breakfast.   

Finding the Motivation

Me, and just because I personally want to. As I said earlier it was just one of those spur-of-the-moment things that has snowballed. I don't want to be my ideal weight, which is 9st 6 - 11st 5, I think it would make me look ill.

Discovering WLR

I work in computing and already do loads of things online so, I thought, why not try to lose weight online? I was originally looking for a calories database - lo and behold, Weight Loss Resources - not only did it tell me what I was eating, but it would keep a database for me as well. Perfect.

How WLR Helps

Obviously, my main focus is the Food Diary. If I forget or stray I can feel as though I have put weight on, even if it is just a couple of pounds. Immediately I get back to Weight Loss Resources, fill in my diary and I am back running again. I think it is important that when you are losing weight you have something to tell you if you are going wrong, Weight Loss Resources does just that. 

The Best of WLR

I have been a member of Weight Loss Resources since February 2002 and have only recently posted on the message boards as I felt it was more of a female domain. There is some excellent advice being posted on there so, even if you don't post, I would always recommend reading them. 

Graham's Tips

When I first started to lose weight people asked me what diet I was on "Weight Watchers, Slimming World…" I just told them the truth. I was on my own which I humorously called the M-F diet. That's stick strictly to the new regime Monday to Friday and then at the weekends I tried not to think about what I was eating. Surprisingly, after the M-F I didn't eat that much more at the weekend, but if I did I didn't feel guilty as M-F I was back on it again.  

I have tried not to worry about gaining weight as my goals are not date orientated. I know if I continue the way I am going I will soon be at goal. This does not mean that I can start to eat like a fool again. As I said at the beginning, it's a new way of life.

Graham's Vital Statistics

  Before Now
Weight 18st 7lbs 14st 2lbs

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