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Dieting History

You name it I have tried it! Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup Diet, Egg & Grapefruit Diet, Herbalife, Micro Diet, Slim Fast . Low Carb / High Protein,… At one point I weighed 11st 4lbs and managed to get down to 8st 2lbs, but I put it back on because I stopped watching what I ate. 

On Being Overweight…

I have four children and, while I know I'm not greatly overweight, I can't play with them as energetically as I would like to; I get fed up when my clothes start to feel tighter; and I am generally less motivated and less happier than when I am content with my weight. I find that my confidence is affected and I tend to be a lot more self conscious.  

Finding the Motivation

At 36 it is getting harder to lose weight and I am determined to sort myself out and finally be the person that I want to be … and that includes a new, slim me! This time I WILL do it, as I am the only person that can help myself. Last March I was 11st 12lbs which, at 5'2¾" is far too heavy. I will never let myself get so heavy again. 

Discovering WLR

In a Slimmer magazine

How WLR Helps

WLR helps me to eat on a regular basis. In the past I have thought nothing of going all day without eating until the children have gone to bed – I now have three meals a day. It also helps me realise what foods I should stay away from. Plus I know that if I want unbiased advice I can ask on the Message Boards and people are only too happy to help.

The Best of WLR

The Food Diary and Message Boards. The Food Diary is invaluable. The Message Boards are great for the support, and also to give and receive advice.

Erimar59's Tips

Drink plenty of water – especially with meals as it fills you up! I also make sure that I have plenty of fresh fruit and veg on hand for when the "nibbles" strike. Providing you allow for it in your Daily Calorie Quota, don't deprive yourself of anything you fancy (have it in moderation). My downfall is chocolate, so I allow myself a two finger Kit Kat a day – it keeps me sane! Finally, remember we are all human and if you have a "bad" day just put it down to experience and start again the next day.

Erimar59's Vital Statistics

  Before Now
Weight 10st 11lbs 9st 13lbs

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