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Tasty, nutritious and healthy ideas for picnic food

Picnicing – The Great Summer Tradition

by WLR Staff, Tim Sharp

When the sun's shining it brings to mind the great summertime tradition of picnicing and relaxed, outdoor eating which is sociable and fun. Typical picnic foods can be high in calories – pastries and potato salads, fizzy drinks and cooked meats – read on to find the solutions which can make this a great day out without notching up the calories.

A little planning with the food means you will make good, healthy, nutritious choices…

Make the Most of Summer Veg

Pack some crudites – carrot batons, asparagus tips, baby sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes and celery sticks are all fun finger food and ideal for picnics. Pack a low calorie dip (take a look at tried and tasted for ideas) and you've got the perfect starter! 

Simple Sarnies

Look out for wholemeal bread, rolls, pitta and tortilla wraps. Spread butter / margarine sparingly and use lean ham, chicken breast pieces, salmon or tuna. Fill up with crisp salad and vegetables – celery, cabbage, red onion, sweetcorn nibblets and peppers are ideal. Leave out the mayo and try a low-cal salad dressing instead. 

If you fancy something a bit fruity, try banana sandwiches – naturally sweet, they're high in fibre and low in fat (but probably best made 'in situ' as bananas go brown quickly once peeled).

Rustle Up a Fruit Salad

With so many summer fruits available it's easy to create a splendid fresh fruit salad – peaches, mangoes, strawberries, grapes, kiwi fruit… the skies the limit! Try to choose a variety of colours and textures. If using apples and bananas remember to seal the cut fruit in lemon juice to stop it discolouring.

Easy on the Drinks

There's no need for sugary, sweet drinks – use natural fruit juices, low calorie drinks and plenty of iced water! If you're planning to take wine or beer, pack some diet lemonade aswell and make yourself a shandy or spritzer… both are more refreshing in the midday heat and lower in calories.

Members Picnic Recipes:

Spicy Tortilla Picnic Treat

I love picnics, so here is what I like to eat!

I usually stick to tortillas… so what I do is put loads of lettuce on two tortillas with a generous amount of tomato and cucumber, then I mix some Bernard Matthews' Sliced Premium Turkey Breast with some HP Chilli Sauce and split that between the two tortillas. Wrap and eat for a spicy picnic treat! ANOREXICHICOO

Salad Nicoise is One of My Favourite Picnic Ideas!

Combine sliced boiled new potatoes with blanched green beans, diced cucumber, sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, tuna (in brine), sliced boiled egg, chopped anchovies and a few green and black olives. Pour over a low fat dressing (my favourite is Tesco's Finest Balsamic Dressing with Garlic and Herbs) and season with salt and pepper. SKEDDIE

Enjoy the Fresh Air

Being out in the great outdoors gives us a chance to enjoy fresh air and include some exercise. Enjoy a brisk walk or maybe climb to a special viewpoint to find the perfect spot to eat. Take a bat and ball and have a fun game with the gang!

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