Celebrity Fit Club

‘An all new fit camp for 8 out of shape celebrities.’

The Celebrity Fit Club is back and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Broadcaster Anne Diamond, captains a team including actress Mikyla Dodd, astrologer Russell Grant and actor Jeff Rudom. This team’s collective starting weight is 88 st 1 lb.

Journalist Carole Malone leads the second team of darts ace Bobby George, TV expert Sharon Marshall and ex footballer Mick Quinn. Their collective starting weight is 66 st 5lbs.

The panel to knock them into shape and change their lifestyles for good sees US drill instructor Harvey Walden joined by nutritionist Dr Adam Carey. Each week Harvey and Adam will be joined on the panel by Fit Club past masters. The first show saw the return of Amy Lamé.

Starting Point:

Anne Diamond who at 14st 9lbs is 4st 5lbs overweight and has high blood pressure admits to a classic cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Carole Malone, starting at 15st 10lbs is 2lbs off being morbidly obese.

Mikyla Dodd, at 19st 2lbs is morbidly obese and has a goal weight of 12 stone.

Bobby George, 16st 13lbs admits to having two fridges in his bedroom which he raids every night for chocolate!

Russell Grant, 21st 11lbs admits that from 10:30am to 9pm daily he enjoys a finger fest, constantly eating.

Sharon Marshall, 13st 4lbs admits to a ‘booze’ problem and a lifestyle of parties which is not helping her weight loss.

Mick Quinn, once at the peak of physical fitness as a footballer, Mick now weighs 19st 6lbs making him medically morbidly obese.

Jeff Rudom who weighed in at 32st and 7lbs making him the heaviest celebrity ever to appear on the show.

Views from the WLR Members Forum

Haven't been following this but just happened to have it on while eating my meal. Its made me so cross, totally irresponsible, what on earth have they set the girl from Hollyoaks a 12lb goal weight loss for this weeK?????? I know it makes good tele, but honestly what sort of example is it to the rest of the unknowing public? 1-2lb is the maximum we should be aiming for as any more than that would be muscle loss! Grrrr just makes me cross. FLUFFY

I don't think their goals are realistic or healthy. It could be very off putting for a new dieter who tried to match their goals. Luckily we get good advice here!! JAYAR11

Hi there, this is to let you know that I am in total agreement, my partner never seems to understand my point of view I find but I tell him that the sensible amount to lose is only 2 lb, well any more is a bonus and I will never understand why it sometimes happens anyway. I have heard that they have experts etc to help them but I just for the life of me cannot understand why and how they can think such a loss is necessary. I am curious as to how they will get on after the programme is over, especially Anne Diamond. I think that she should have informed the programme makers and Dr Adam Carey at the start and if they felt that it was not fair to everybody else as she could have had bigger losses than them if it had worked in her favour they could have questioned what was wrong.

It only seems five minutes ago that she was writing in the Daily Mail about her weight loss after she came out of Big Brother and had got herself under control. I do think she does not realise that lots of us cannot take such drastic action. REFRESHER

wasn't for one week this week, that's for over 3 weeks. Still too high though and I think its wrong! Gives the wrong impression to us who don't get all the supervision I hope they get TIGGERSC

Is it just me or does that Mikyla come accross as a moany old bint????!!!!! LOL... Oh, and you can add Ann Diamond to the moany old bint list too ;o)

In fact, the only ones i have taken a liking to is Jeff (the big bloke) and Carole (the bitchy column writer! lol) BeckiBoo

Yeah... She gets me really angry. I was shouting at my TV when she started in on Jeff. Ann was booted out for not trying, Jeff's just not able - big difference I think. Anyway, someone that nasty is bound to bug us :) NICNIC

For those who missed it, Anne Diamond hasn't been losing that much weight really (this week only 1lb), the whole thing is a competition between the teams, and yesterday Anne admitted that she had a gastric band fitted before the series even STARTED!

Now I think this is wrong. If she wants a gastric band fitted, fine, she has the money, her choice. I also agree that for some people it does end up being the only option because they find it so difficult to loose weight. To me though Anne has used it before, PLUS she appeared on Celebrity fit club as if she hadn't had surgery, made all weight loss look as if it was her self control and doing, and I feel that at best she was not totally honest, at worst she downright lied not only to the people on the program, but to the nation!

Personally I feel she should be thrown off celebrity fit club. She's made a nonsense of the way they aim to loose the weight, plus lied to the doctor, Harvey and the other contestants. If she is not sticking to the way they are teaching her to loose weight, then why be on it?

Her defence was "but I haven't lost that much with it" surely that's not the point? When she had it, when she LIED about having it, she didn't know she wouldn't use that much with it.

In the past Carol (one of the other contestants) has written some not so nice stuff about Anne, I hope she writes some more stuff about this, it would serve Anne right!! TIGGERSC

Why cant Dr Carey give us viewers real, printable advice to follow. Its so frustrating to watch each series but never take part ourselves. Everything is so wooly! TC62


Because they have it set out for them they have people to advise them whenever they need it, they train way over the top for their fitness levels and eat a very very very strict diet.

The weight losses are astounding and we all think "oh thats not fair why cant I lose 8Ibs a week".

But I have never ever heard of anyone managing to lose such high amounts of weight and still mantain a normal life. Fitistgal

I agree. I would like to know what these people have been eating and exactly what exercise they have done to lose their weight. Bewlesuk

I have only ever watched the odd few minutes of previous series of this, but tonight I am not at the gym as usual, so thought I would stick it on and see what it was all about.

BUT I thought a sensible weight loss was 2lb a week - and the targets they seem to be setting are 3 lbs, 4lbs etc...... is it me? Albury

I also agree that a sensible maintainable weight loss is 1 - 2lb a week.

I felt so sorry for the big guy - he was so pleased to have lost weight and then to be told it could kill him. I wonder how many will stay slimmer in the end? BooGaloo39

23 pound loss, 15 pound loss, 8 pound loss - seems staggering. I know you can lose more in your first week than subsequent weeks, but it seems so much.

Plus it might send out wrong messages and people might give up if they not achieving such high weight loss. I still believe that 1-2lb a week is sensible. Sheaj34

Noticed a posting about the above and the in some cases astonishing weight losses, one stone and eight pounds in one case I believe. Just thought I'd confirm, though we all know it, that this really is a load of complete rubbish, and dangerous rubbish, as it gives people false and foolish expectations.

A one stone weight loss in a week, if the weight were fat, would require a DAILY calorie deficit of approximately 6800 calories! To put this in perspective a professional rider in the Tour de France will use over 7000 calories in a day.

If these people were being properly and sensibly supervised they simply wouldn't be allowed to lose that kind of body weight, it is almost certainly dangerous and in the longer term counterproductive Porkyboy

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