Housework for Exercise

Easy Exercise Ideas

by WLR Staff, Adam Vaughan

Becoming more active benefits your health, helps you lose weight and improves your body shape

Start now - make exercise part of your daily routine. At any age, increasing your daily activity, even by a small amount, can make a difference.

Our bodies are designed to be active and all activity / exercise will develop and firm the muscles of the body. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Moderate exercise for half an hour 3 to 5 times a week can bring enormous health benefits. Read on to find ways you can become more active, lose that fat and have some fun… 


Make a determined effort to walk throughout the day. Get off the bus or train a stop or two before your destination and walk the rest of the way; park your car in the furthest space in the car park; walk up and down stairs (no lifts); walk the children to school; walk to the local corner shop for your newspaper or milk, etc.

15 min moderate walking will burn 52 extra kcal* 

Housework Can Do the Trick!

Turn those tiresome chores into healthy positive ones! Turn on the music and clean the windows, hoover, dust and wash up at a brisk pace, and burn off those calories.

15 min hoovering / dusting will burn 38 extra kcal*

Get Out In the Garden

Mowing the lawn, weeding and digging all count.

30 min weeding will burn 104 extra kcal*

Clean Your Car

Time you ran your car through the wash? Why not wash it by hand? It's cheaper, better for the environment and a great form of exercise. Put your back into it and you'll get a better result! 

30 min moderate car washing will burn 86 extra kcal*

Play Actively With the Kids / Get Some Friends Together

How about heading for the park for some football, rounders, or frisbee throwing. Or dusting off the bike for a leisurely ride?

30 min recreational cycling will burn 90 extra kcal*

Try A Sport

Dip into our try a sport section for more information on a variety of exercise - walking, cycling, swimming, skipping, yoga ... and more.

The important thing is to become active so that your heart is pumping blood at a slightly increased rate and you are burning calories in empowering your muscles! Go for it...

*Based on a 40 year old female of 5’5" tall who weighs 12st 7lb and is moderately sedentary. Extra calories are those you burn on top of the calories you use for basic day-to-day living. Inputting your exercise into your exercise diary will calculate the number of calories you will burn based on your weight, age, gender and background activity level.

Tools to Keep Track of Your Exercise

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