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Control Those Cravings!

By WLR Staff, by Pat Wilson

Cravings are more of a psychological addiction than a physical addiction, bearing little relation to you being hungry. But fighting off those cravings for food (usually high in sugar and fats) can be extremely difficult.

Despite the fact that we can all struggle to cope with food cravings scientists and researchers still do not completely understand them.

There ARE things you can do to control them — you are in control!

Identify the Times When You Crave Foods

What could be triggering the cravings? Are you bored, lonely, tired, anxious? Look at ways of dealing with the emotions — if you are tired: take a nap; feeling down: take a brisk walk to boost serotonin levels; lonely: ring a friend, make plans to get together and give yourself something to look forward to. Plan to keep yourself busy if you know certain times you struggle with cravings.

Don't Confuse Thirst With Hunger

Drink plenty of water or natural fruit juices to stop your stomach feeling empty and eating when you don't need to.

Eat at Regular Intervals

Don't go for long periods of time without eating — this causes your blood sugar levels to drop and increases the desire for sweet and sugary foods. Look around for healthier versions of the foods you crave — chocolate covered raisins instead of a chocolate bar?

Indulge in a Little of What You Fancy

Don't deprive yourself completely, it will only increase your desire for the food. Instead add in a little exercise (makes you feel good) to burn those extra calories.

Practise Portion Control

Skip the king sized/bigger bag versions. Snack size / treat size will suffice and show that you are in control.

Be Happy! Treat yourself

Listen to some relaxing music, take a long, hot bath with some of your favourite bubblies, buy yourself a little something to reward your good behaviour.

Ok, we all have bad days. Don't be hard on yourself and dwell on the bad days. Put it into perspective — how many good days have you had? Pick yourself up and carry on with determination to achieve your weight loss goals. You can do it — Good Luck!

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