All about the cabbage soup diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Member's Views

Thinking about the cabbage soup diet just for a week and then back to my normal diet, for a big loss and big motivation lift. What do u think? anyone tried it before?


Did the Cabbage diet a couple of years ago, lost a bit but put it on straight away. I recommend healthy eating and keeping a proper calorie count through WLR. A good eating plan can solve it all - so please no drastic ideas.


I've done it in the past. It's a fairly unpleasant week - although the idea of adding different spices to the soup is a good one. But the main thing is, it's not real weight loss. I wouldn't bother, unless you need to lose weight urgently for an operation or something.


It made me sick - bleeeeuuuurrrrggggghhhhhh, every time I smell cabbage soup now it makes me want to vomit!!!!


You are 5'5" and 10 stone 2 lbs - that sounds great to me. Don't try anything as drastic as the cabbage soup diet. You may lose friends as well as weight.


I tried the cabbage soup diet once and got so sick of the cabbage after 4 days that I didn't even go near it for quite a while. It's very boring and I always found it wasn't very filling. But you better try for yourself, you might enjoy it and who knows, maybe it gives you the motivation you need!


Errrmmm well, the cabbage soup diet is a sound idea in theory, as long as you can spend most of your time out of doors!! Not recommended for enclosed spaces!! Good luck.


I've done the cabbage soup diet a couple of times and didn't have any of the adverse effects that Kerrilou alludes to! I lost about 7lbs each time and had an amazing sense of wellbeing - can't explain it better than just feeling incredibly happy. It's quite tough though and by the end of the third day the smell of the cabbage soup made me feel quite nauseous. If you're going to do it I'd advise you to make the soup fresh every other day and try putting different herbs/spices in to make it taste different; maybe some curry powder or paprika. Good luck if you do try it.


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