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Weight Loss Resources on Your Phone

Weight Loss Resources Mobile provides you with a quick and easy to use calorie counter for on the move, with no app to download.

The Weight Loss Resources Mobile Web App

The wlr weight loss web app is available to all members and free triallers. Included with both types of membership, there’s no need to download anything.

Update December 2018: Barcode Scanner (Beta)

The barcode scanner is now available in the wlr food diary. We have barcodes on about half of the items in our food database so far, and are working hard to get the rest done! We've also made it easy for users to match foods we haven't got to yet.

Take a free trial to give it a whirl. 

So what can I do in the wlr web app?

The app is an easy to use on your phone version of wlr, and includes all the vital tools you need to keep your weight loss on track.

Update what you eat and drink on the go, so you always know exactly where you are and don’t forget anything!

Quickly view how many calories you have left for the day, and how your macros are shaping up

Check what’s next in your diet plan if you’re using one

Get some quick advice

Make good choices when you’re eating out. (The wlr database includes all UK major restaurants, and most of the minor ones)

View and create recipes, meal ideas and shopping lists

Add your walking and other exercise as soon as you’ve done it to see how many extra cals you’ve got, (or sync your Fitbit if you have one)

Log your weight loss, and spend a motivational moment looking at your graph!

We've done quite a lot of development on the app recently - to make the experience easier, quicker and more useful, take a free trial to check it out!

Why a web app?

Members of wlr want to access the program wherever they are - using different devices for different things. Some things are easier using a bigger screen and keyboard, for example creating a recipe or diet plan. Sometimes it’s instant access that’s important, to check or add an item.


  • No syncing required, your account is instantly up to date on every device you use
  • No app to download and take up your precious memory
  • New features and developments on wlr available immediately on all devices

How do I use the Mobile site?

Simply tap the login button on wlr on your smartphone – you’ll automatically be taken to the web app login screen.

You can bookmark wlr to your mobile home screen for easy access in the future

If you don’t have a wlr account take a free trial on your phone and you’ll be straight into the app.

So there you have it, Weight Loss Resources Mobile, no app to download and no hassle. It’s just our way of helping you to a healthier, happier weight.

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