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If you sign up and decide within the first 14 days that WLR's not right for you at this time, give us a call and we'll cancel your account and refund your subscription. Please note that cancelling your account online will not automatically generate a refund, you must call us to get the refund.

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Please be respectful of other members. Whilst debate and different points of view are encouraged, we reserve the right to remove any messages that we consider to be insulting, offensive or abusive.  Please contact the the helpteam if you find a message you consider inappropriate.

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Weight Loss Resources does not take responsibility for the content or accuracy of messages and does not endorse any product, service or process that may be mentioned.

Weight Loss Resources reserves the right to ban a member from the site if in our opinion their postings to the forum are offensive. This means access to the entire site will be blocked - including the food diary and any other stored information. This information will be deleted when the account is cancelled. Please note that decisions like these are not taken lightly and are discussed among the member services team. Where possible a member will receive a warning before action is taken.

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