Chocolate Mousse
Tried and Tasted Low Fat Chocolate Mousse

Struggling to find the perfect low fat chocolate dessert? Help is at hand with the WLR Tried and Tasted Team who have been sampling low fat desserts to find delicious and healthy options to give you a chocolate kick!

Low Fat Chocolate Mousse - Tried and Tasted

Continuing our hunt to find the best chocolate treats to satisfy our cravings, the Tried and Tasted Team have been sampling low fat chocolate mousse.

We took five low fat options and put them to the test to see if they can compete with their full-fat rivals. Every chocolate mousse is under 110 calories and 3 grams of fat and has been rigorously tested by the team on appearance, smell, taste, satisfaction and texture. Take a look and see which mousse came out on top.

Our Tasters scored all the mousses out of 5 and they have been ranked in order according to their score.

Table 1: Low Fat Chocolate Mousse Compared
Product Cadbury Light Mousse Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Mousse Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Chocolate Mousse
  Cadburys Light Chocolate Mousse Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Mousse Sainsburys Chocolate Mousse
Ranking 1 2 2
Appearance Smooth and nicely whipped (although a bit mass produced). It was Light, fluffy and airy - how we think a mousse should look. Tasty and bubbly and more like dark chocolate than milk - it looked quite luxurious.
Smell A nice chocolate/cocoa aroma – yum! A hint of chocolate The Taste team didn’t detect a particularly strong flavour and thought it was a bit ‘fake.’
Taste A good chocolatey flavour even though it’s a light, version – we thoroughly enjoyed this one. One Taster enjoyed it so much she said she’d like to eat 7! Nice and light and chocolatey although a touch on the bland side. But overall not a bad effort by Tesco. Despite the smell (or lack of it) this mousse was chocolatey and rich. One Taster even used the word ‘chocolicious!’
How Filling/ Satisfying? Although mousse isn’t necessarily renowned for its filling properties, we thought this chocolate mousse was the most filling dessert of the lot and didn’t taste low fat. The Taste Team weren’t very satisfied by this one. They thought it disintegrated in their mouths to the point they weren’t sure if they’d actually eaten it! It’s a good low fat dessert for a quick fix – particularly as its thick.
Texture/ Consistency This mousse was ‘just right!’ Nice and bubbly with that traditional ‘mousse texture.’ We know a mousse is supposed to be light, but this one went a bit far. The Tasters thought it lacked any kind of texture. A bit more solid than Tesco’s chocolate mousse but still fairly light. The Tasters were coming to the conclusion that low fat means more air bubbles!
Conclusion A good chocolate flavour from Cadbury is usually a given, and we certainly got chocolate satisfaction from this mousse. It’s also the lowest in calories (although not so low fat)! We definitely recommend this chocolate mousse! The taste was good but the texture didn’t match up. However Tesco’s low fat chocolate dessert still managed a joint second with two other mousses and isn’t a bad choice. It’s only 75 calories and the best chocolate mousse for a low fat option, so you can get your chocolate fix without breaking the bank. Again the Tasters loved the chocolate taste, but the mousse was lacking in texture and consistency probably due to being low calorie and low fat. It scored exactly the same as Tesco’s chocolate mousse, so take your pick!
Calories (per mousse) 60 75 88
Fat (g) (per mousse) 1.9 1.6 1.8
Price £0.93 (for 4) £0.75 (for 6) £0.79 (for 6)
Table 2: More Low Fat Chocolate Mousse Compared
Product Weight Watchers Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse Weight Watchers Rich Chocolate Dessert
  Weight Watchers Belgiun Chocolate Mousse Weight Watchers Rich Chocolate Dessert
Ranking 2 5
Appearance Pretty and swirly (although the vanilla was a bit yellow) – the potential for a good low fat dessert. ‘Runny,’ ‘shiny’ and ‘sloppy’ best describe this one. It’s not the most appetising of contenders. 
Smell The vanilla was the dominant smell which overpowered the choc, but it still smelled good. No smell!
Taste Most enjoyed the taste of this dessert – a nice mix of choc and vanilla. Some more critical Tasters thought it might be a bit sweet. An average chocolate flavour - the Taste Team thought this low fat dessert from Weight Watchers was a bit of a disappointment.
How Filling/ Satisfying? This chocolate mousse was a bit too airy and light to fill us up completely.  Not very filling – especially if it’s too bad to finish the pot. 
Texture/ Consistency A nice light texture, although like the other second placed mousses, it was too airy making it seem low fat. Sloppy!
Conclusion We enjoyed Weight Watchers choc and vanilla combo, and it managed a good second place along with Tesco and Sainsbury’s. However it suffered from the same problem of being too light and not satisfying enough. We don’t want to feel like our chocolate mousse is low fat. This dessert is the highest in calories and fat so we suggest you choose another option. Weight Watcher’s second low fat offering in the chocolate mousse round didn’t do so well. The Tasters didn’t get their chocolate kick from this dessert and were thoroughly disappointed. 
Calories (per mousse) 106 62
Fat (g) (per mousse) 2.3 1.7
Price £0.64 (for2) £0.64 (for2)

The low fat chocolate mousse round was a tough one, but the outright winner was Cadbury Light Mousse. This led the field by a long way, and is the lowest calorie option (although not so low in fat), so the Tried and Tasted Team definitely recommend you go for this low fat dessert and enjoy satisfying your chocolate craving!


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