Low Calorie Cannelloni – Tried and Tasted

A famous Italian dish, cannelloni is renowned for filled, rolled lasagne sheets with tomato sauce and topped with bechamel sauce and cheese topping. Sounds dangerous? Think again, there are lower fat / calorie dishes available that still have the great taste... or do they?  

Product Cannelloni filled with Spinach and Mushroom, Kitchen Garden, Linda McCartney* Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni, Eat Smart, Safeway* Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni, Good for You, Asda*
  Linda McCartney Cannelloni Eat Smart Cannelloni Good for You Cannelloni
Ranking 1 2 3
Taste/ Texture OUTSTANDING! The panel were very impressed with this dish: nice sized portion; appetizing appearance; full of flavour. It had everything expected - a good filling (in which you could see the lashings of spinach), a tasty tomato sauce, and a cheesy topping... In fact, the panel were so impressed, they would be pleased to have it served in a restaurant!  An appealing cannelloni, which oozed a homemade quality. It had a lovely tomato sauce which added flavour rather than being overpowering. Good on taste. Good sized portion. Recommended! Although it had a good (lasagne-like) appearance, this dish was disappointing. Bland, tasteless. Not recommended. 
Serving Size 1 Pack (340g) 1 Pack (350g) 1 Pack (400g)
Calories (kcal) per slice 382 325 427
Fat (g) per slice 13.7 7.7 11.0
Product Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni, Count On Us, M&S* Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni, Healthy Living, Tesco*
  Count On Us Cannelloni Healthy Living Cannelloni
Ranking 4 5
Taste/ Texture The panel weren't impressed with the appearance of the dish. Absolutely smothered in chopped (tinned-like) tomatoes, and lacking any bechamel sauce. A bland dish, not surprisingly overpowered by a tomato taste.  A nice looking dish, but lacked flavour. A cheese-less sauce, a bland filling and no variety in tastes nor texture. Disappointing.
Serving Size 1 Pack (360g) 1 Pack (340g)
Calories (kcal) per slice 290 316
Fat (g) per slice 6.8 9.5

Linda McCartney's Cannelloni was indisputably the best. Although, all the others boasted containing less than 3% fat (Linda McCartney's has 4%) most had very little taste or flavour - and the panel felt the taste justified the extra. However, if you're concerned by the 13.7g of fat per pack, opt for the Eat Smart version - which has almost half the fat and is still full of taste.

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