Low Calorie Cake Slices – Tried and Tasted

The team were (again!) eager to get their teeth into something a little tempting - and cake slices seemed like the perfect treat. With so many brands offering low calorie alternatives we thought it could be time to have your cake and eat it too! 

Product Carrot Cake Slices, Be Good to Yourself, Sainsbury's* Chocolate Flavour Cake Slices, Eat Smart, Safeway* Carrot & Orange Cake Slices, Healthy Eating, Tesco*
  Carrot Cake Slices, Sainsburys Chocolate Flavour Cake Slices, Safeway Carrot and Orange Cake Slices, Tesco
Ranking 1 2 3
Taste/ Texture Delightfully moist carrot slices with a light consistency. The panel particularly liked the yogurt flavoured icing, and felt it complimented the carrot sponge. Unlike most of the other slices tasted these were not artificially sweet and would make a lovely treat. (They're, surprisingly, the lowest in fat and calories per slice!) If you're more of a chocolate-type, these are the best by far… Imagine chocolate fudge sponge topped with a gooey chocolatey icing and white chocolate flakes - and these are just that! Not only did they appear the most appetizing of the chocolate slices, they also tasted the most appetizing. Try them! A nice carrot (and orange) sponge, overpowered a little by the icing – which was deemed by the majority to be too sweet. 
Calories (kcal) per slice 64 95 80
Fat (g) per slice 0.5 0.7 0.8
Product Chocolate Dream Cake Bars, Go Ahead, McVities* Low Fat Chocolate & Orange Slices, Lite & Low* Chocolate and Orange Slices, Good for You, Asda*
  Chocolate Dream Cake Bars Low Fat Chocolate and Orange Slices Chocolate and Orange Slices
Ranking 4 5 5
Taste/ Texture Appetizing looking cake bars, which come individually wrapped (ideal for popping in your pack up / bag). The chocolate sponge had a pleasant vanilla cream centre, but was spoilt by an artificial tasting chocolate coating. Note: These are also significantly higher in fat and calories than any of the others. Chocolate sponge slices with a squidgy (orange) layer in the centre and a chocolate icing topping. They were far too sweet for our panel - like eating a "mouthful of sugar", not at all chocolatey. Strongly disliked. Extremely similar to the Lite & Low slice. The panel again disliked these because they were far too sugary. Not recommended. 
Calories (kcal) per slice 142 89 83
Fat (g) per slice 4.8 0.7 0.8

The panel singled out Be Good to Yourself's Carrot Slices and Eat Smart's Chocolate Flavour slices as undoubtedly better than the other brands. If you're looking for something low calorie and cake-like, and value taste and substance, these two are the ones to try.

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