Goals and Results

Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

The Weight Loss Resources program lets you set a goal weight that’s tailored to you. We’ll let you know what your healthy weight range is and you can select your rate of loss, (don’t worry – we’ll make sure it’s healthy).

Once you’ve set your goal we’ll tell you what date you can expect to reach it. You can update your results each week and see your progress on customised charts and reports.

  • Set a weight loss goal that’s right for you.
  • Choose a healthy rate of loss that you’re comfortable with. (As recommended – no more than 2lb/1kg per week).
  • See what date you’ll reach your goal.
  • See how many calories you need each day to make sure you reach your goal.
  • Update your results to track how you’re doing.
  • See your progress with graphs and reports.
  • Get trophies and awards for your weight loss milestones.
  • Option to update results to your Facebook and Twitter friends.
  • Settings for weight maintenance and weight gain also available.
  • Access to articles and info on goal setting and weight loss motivation.

But the best thing about the Weight Loss Resources' program is that you can try it for free.

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