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UK Calorie and Nutrition Database

The Weight Loss Resources Food Database is unique in that it is UK focussed and all records are compiled, verified and organised by real, human members of our team.

The database is updated on a constant and ongoing basis – always with a view to making it easy and efficient for members and other clients to use.

Full, Comprehensive UK Coverage

  • All basic and fresh foods
  • Branded foods available in the UK
  • Supermarket own brands
  • Small and specialist food producers
  • Fast food, takeaway and delivered food outlets
  • Major restaurants and pub chains

Easy to Use

  • Useful choice of appropriate serving sizes is given for each food and drink, exact weight can be specified
  • Raw and cooked values are given for appropriate foods
  • Common food combinations presented in a single record
  • Structured for search efficiency
  • Web app available on mobile, pc and tablet - no syncing required

Calorie and Nutritional Information

  • Macronutrients: protein, carbohydrate and fat
  • Breakdown of sugars and saturated fat
  • Values for fibre and salt (sodium)
  • Number of fruit and vegetable portions contained within a serving of food

You can have a good look around the database by taking a free trial. For enquiries about accessing/using the data please contact us

Accuracy of Data

Our verification procedures mean that errors are kept to a minimum, however they do occasionally get through. (We're always grateful to be told about errors – please email

Calorie values given for food items are ‘typical’ values, which means there may be small variations depending, for example, on how and where a food is grown, or how it is processed.

Food producers sometimes tweak their recipes and/or preparation methods, we proactively acquire new data and update records as soon as possible.

Last Updated: 9 November 2019

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