Weight Loss Resources'  Award Winning Helpteam

Weight Loss Resources' Award Winning Helpteam

Weight Loss Resources' helpteam are a friendly, understanding bunch who care passionately about your weight loss success.

We realise how important it is to you to get support when you need it - that's why we aim to answer all emails and messages within half an hour.

All helpteam staff have an Open University qualification in Understanding Human Nutrition and our customer service has won awards.

Vikki Harold, Paul Maples, Zoe Harris and Karen Fulcher are part of the team who you will talk to on the phones, while Tim Sharp and Laurence Beeken support them behind the scenes with food data and site content.

Here's what some of our members have said about us…

"How great are you guys!… Again, let me congratulate you on the site and thanks for providing us with such good service!"
"I don't know if anyone has told ye this lately but ye are one hell of a good helpteam - thanks :)"
"Thanks very much, you are always so helpful, best helpteam have ever come across"
"Thank you very much… it was lovely to have such a speedy, comprehensive and friendly response to my mail"
"It is 24 hour support and any area of healthy eating that has baffled me in the past. All is now clear thanks to the helpteam who are fantastic at answering any queries."

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