Technical Tips

Using wlr on Your Phone

Getting the Wb App Icon for Your Phone:

See: Bookmarking wlr on your mobile or go to step by step instructions for andriod and iphone 

Your Browser

We recommend you use the latest version of your preferred web browser.

Weight Loss Resources is designed to work best with modern browsers and may not work correctly in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.

Enable Cookies

To use the logged-in sections of Weight Loss Resources we recommend that you enable cookies in your web browser. A cookie is a small piece of information that a web site can store on your computer. To learn more about how we use cookies see this page.

Weight Loss Resources places a cookie on your computer when you log in so we know that it is you. We also store a cookie on your computer if you tick the “Remember Me” check box on the login page.

Enable JavaScript

To get maximum functionality from Weight Loss Resources we recommend that you enable JavaScript. You can learn more about JavaScript at this page.

Whilst much of Weight Loss Resources will work as expected without JavaScript enabled some functions will not work at all and others will not work as expected.

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