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Calorie Count your Own Recipes

You can calorie count your own recipes, or those you find elsewhere that don't have accurate calorie counts, or that you want to try alternative ingredients with.

It's actually really interesting to do this, as you can mess around with different ingredients/quantities to see it affects the calories in your creation.

Our recipe calculator also counts the grams of protein, carbs, fat, fibre and portions of fruit and veg in your dish.

Use the Create Recipe tool to:

  • Search our database of verified foods for your recipe ingredients
  • Add quantities of ingredients by popular servings, such as 1 clove of garlic, 1tbsp balsamic vinegar, 500g pack minced beef...
  • Or add quantities by ounces or grams (or both!)
  • Discover how many calories your recipe has per serving
  • Add a serving to your online food diary and see how many calories you have left
  • Add a method
  • Upload a photo 
  • Share your recipe with other members (if you wish...)

Plus, you can also get ideas and inspiration for calorie counted meals from the searchable WLR recipe database - many from real people just like you!

Calorie Count Your Recipe...

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