Low Fat Houmous – Tried and Tasted

Most people will have heard of the classic middle-eastern dip houmous. Many brands also feature a reduced fat version. The WLR Tried & Tasted team get to know some of them a little better.

Table 1: Low Fat Houmous Compared
Product Tesco Reduced Fat Houmous Safeway Reduced Fat Houmous Waitrose Reduced Fat Houmous
  Tesco, Reduced Fat Houmous Safeway, Reduced Fat Houmous Waitrose, Reduced Fat Houmous
Ranking 1 2 3
Our Conclusion Behind it's modest appearance Tesco's 25% reduced fat houmous is a real treat. With a nice texture and no sharp aftertaste. Very easy going; everyone's friend. Thin and weak looking this houmous actually has a brave garlic and vinegary flavour which is very welcome. The texture is well balanced between lumpy and creamy. "Houmous how it should be" for one taster. Smooth and creamy. Not too strong in flavour. Possibly trying too hard to please everyone in being too smooth, too creamy, too bland for some.
Serving Size 50g 50g 85g
Calories (kcal) 123 105 221
Fat (g) 9.0 8.1 16.4
Table 2: Low Fat Houmous Compared
Product Asda 30% Less Fat Houmous Dip Marks & Spencer Reduced Fat Houmous Sainsburys BGTY Houmous
  Asda, Less Fat Houmous Dip Marks & Spence, Reduced Fat Houmous Sainsburys, BGTY Houmous
Ranking 4 5 6
Conclusion Understated and timid. Good looks and a nice texture, however, the flavour tends to shy away before you have the chance to get to know it. Among the lowest in fat for this test. Trying to be different and stand out from the bunch. This did not taste like a usual houmous. Although not unpleasant, this was a little sour with a firm, creamy texture. Perhaps strayed too far (or not far enough.) A funny colour and some colourful descriptions by the team. "Rotting cardboard", "washing powder" and "mildew" are not things BGTY houmous would want to put on its CV.
Serving Size 85g 85g 42.5g
Calories (per serving) 170 207 83
Fat (g) (per serving) 11.0 15.4 4.7
Table 3: Low Fat Houmous Compared
Product Tesco Healthy Living Houmous
  Tesco, Healthy Living Houmous
Ranking 7
Conclusion Oh dear. This one seemed to get it all wrong in whatever it tried. Off-putting looks: "disgusting", "like Ready Brek". Thin and lumpy texture and poor "sour milk" and "cheesy" taste.
Serving Size 85g
Calories (per serving) 203
Fat (g) (per serving) 15.4

With Tesco coming in first and last place this is another example of trying to squeeze too much fat and calories out of a decent enough product. The Safeway houmous is just edged off the top but gives a slightly stronger alternative.

Overall, there are some excellent options here for houmous with reduced fat and plenty of personality.

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