Healthy Chocolate Biscuits
Healthy Chocolate Biscuits

Looking for the perfect healthy biscuits? Well look no further – WLR have been sampling the best low fat cookies and biscuits to see if we can get the same satisfaction from less fat and calories!

Healthy Chocolate Biscuits – Tried and Tasted

Who doesn’t love chocolate biccies for a tasty mid-morning snack? The Tried and Tasted Team certainly do and when we asked them if they’d be kind enough to test the best of the healthy biscuits they told us ‘bring on the biccies!’

We wanted to find out if less fat and less calorie versions can be just as good as the real thing and which of the top brands will satisfy our chocolate biscuit cravings whilst being healthy! We’ve taken 6 low fat cookie and biscuit brands, all 80 calories and under and put them to the test. Take a look and see which took the biscuit.

Our Tasters scored all the biscuits out of 5 and they have all been ranked in order according to their score.

Table 1: Low Fat Chocolate Biscuits Compared
Product Tesco Reduced Fat Milk Chocolate Biscuits McVities Lights Milk Chocolate Digestives Maryland Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies
  Tesco Reduced Fat Milk Chocolate Biscuits McVities Lights Milk Chocolate Digestives Maryland Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ranking 1 2 3
Appearance It looked good to us – just how a chocolate biscuit should look! Yep . . . it looks like a choccy biscuit! Looked like a cookie!
Smell Like a chocolate biscuit! Chocolatey! It didn’t smell of much!
Taste Good quality chocolate and a nice crunch. You couldn’t tell it from a normal chocolate biccie! The Tasters were impressed! A good effort by McVities at making a healthy biscuit. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was only let down by not being quite chocolatey enough to satisfy our Tasters. Our Tasters thought this low fat cookie was ‘okay.’ Some were disappointed with the amount of chocolate, although enjoyed the odd choc chip when they could find them. A fairly safe middle ground.
Filling/ Satisfying? Most Tasters grabbed seconds as they thought these biscuits were so tasty (and healthy with it!) – although they agreed that just one would leave you satisfied. Fairly satisfying but not as ‘moreish’ as the last.   These cookies were a lot smaller than the other biscuits so you would need more to fill you up!
Texture/ Consistency Crunchy – more so than a normal digestive. Excellent consistency for dunking in your tea! Another good dunker- nice and crunchy. Quite crunchy and thick.  
Our Conclusion Tesco surprised us with an excellent healthy chocolate biscuit. A bit crunchy but otherwise we couldn’t distinguish it from your every day digestive – it didn’t taste like a less fat version. It was the highest in calories (not far off the calorie count for a regular chocolate digestive) but lower in fat. The McVities biscuit came a close second and didn’t taste like a healthy version. A slight lack of chocolate meant they didn’t quite beat Tesco but not a bad effort. They’ve shaved a few calories off and there’s also less fat compared to their standard chocolate digestive. If you like the standard Maryland Cookies, this healthy version won’t disappoint. However in terms of chocolate they don’t match up to their digestive rivals. A good low fat cookie and a safe third place but could do better.
Calories (per biscuits) 80 76 51
Fat (g) (per biscuit) 2.9 2.9 1.9
Price (per packet) £0.94 £1.29 £0.88
Table 2: More Low Fat Chocolate Biscuits Compared
Product Morrison’s Eat Smart Milk Chocolate Digestives Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Digestives 30% Less Fat Weight Watchers Double Choc Chip Cookies
  Morrisons Sainsburys Milk Chocolate Digestives 30% Less Fat Weight Watchers Double Choc Chip Cookies
Ranking 4 5 6
Appearance Just like a normal choccy digestive. It looked good – but the appearance was deceiving! Oh crumbs! The artificial appearance of this low fat cookie got the Tasters worried. We could see this wasn’t going to be good. 
Smell Not much of a smell but we weren’t put off yet! A bit artificial. The worst smelling of the lot. Nothing – not even a whiff of chocolate!
Taste A bit sweet and cardboardy and not nearly as nice as the higher ranking digestives. We could tell it was a healthy biscuit and not a full fat favourite! Bland and too sugary. It tasted much more artificial and low fat than the other cookies and biscuits. We were disappointed. Don’t try this at home! It disintegrates in your mouth and feels like you’re eating pumice stone. We also had to play ‘hunt the chocolate chip,’ a game we’re not very fond of.
How Filling/ Satisfying? Fairly filling but not enough chocolate to satisfy us.  The lack of ‘real’ chocolate meant the Tasters were not satisfied.  The chocolate tasted healthy - not the biscuit we’d hoped for. The recommended serving size is 2 cookies, so even Weight Watchers don’t think their low fat biscuit will fill you up!
Texture/ Consistency A bit too crunchy! The crunchiest of them all – we were worried for our teeth.  Do not attempt to dunk this cookie – it will end in disaster! One brave Taster tried but was left with biscuit and tea residue all over her Tried and Tasted Official Rating Form – although at least this means less calories to eat!
Conclusion Morrison’s biscuit isn’t up to much. We know less fat and calories is good, but we’d rather have a normal biscuit if this healthy version is the alternative. We didn’t hate it but we’d prefer something a bit more chocolatey! Sainsbury’s just didn’t cut it! We could tell this biscuit was healthy and contained less calories than your everyday digestive. It didn’t seem like a treat. For a few calories more we’d rather have the full fat version! Weight Watchers really disappointed the Taste Team with their low fat cookie. It looked and tasted bad and we couldn’t find the chocolate. We couldn’t even dunk it in our tea! It’s not surprising these cookies are only 49 calories each – they seem to be made of air!
Calories (per biscuit) 76 77 49
Fat (g) (per biscuit)   2.7 1.9
Price (per packet) £1.25 £1.25 £0.70

When it comes to low fat cookies and biscuits, we recommend Tesco Reduced Fat Milk Chocolate Biscuits. Delicious chocolate and a good crunch – we loved them! The Tried and Tasted Team recommends you enjoy your choccy biscuit, but stick to one or two, as although these healthy biscuits do contain less fat and calories than your everyday one, it isn’t by a lot, so always read the label!

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