Low Fat Curry Sauce - Tried and Tasted

Armed with their hunger for the truth and some naan bread, the WLR Taste Team take on the best of the low fat tikka masala cooking sauces from the high street stores. Find out who won...

Table 1: Low Fat Curry Sauces Compared
Product Morrisons Better For You Tikka Masala Sauce Asda Less Than 5% Fat Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce Homepride 96% Fat Free Tikka Masala Sauce
  Morrisons Curry Sauce Asda Curry Sauce Homepride Curry Sauce
Ranking 1 2 3
Our Conclusion With it's "sweet & sour like" flavour and pleasantly spicy aftertaste, Morrisons' sauce was strong enough to claim first place in a hotly contested tasting. Carrying the most fat but packing the punch to back it up. A good all-rounder which impressed most people. An appetising smell, creamy and mild texture and a well balanced flavour. The tomatoey taste may be too sweet for some but the highest calorie product has made the most of them all. Nothing subtle about this one. Straight out of the jar; thicker, darker and meaner looking. Brings a hot, spicy flavour and lots of it. Pulls no punches.
Calories (per serving) 89 (per 112g serving) 615 (per 1/2 jar) 121 (per 1/3 jar)
Fat (g) (per serving) 4.4 (per 112g serving) 5.0 (per 1/2 jar) 5.4(per 1/3 jar)
Table 2: More Low Fat Curry Sauces Compared
Product Waitrose Perfectly Balanced Tikka Cooking Sauce Sainsbury's BGTY Tikka Cooking Sauce Marks & Spencer Count On Us Tikka Masala Sauce
  Waitrose Curry Sauce Sainsburys Curry Sauce M&S Curry Sauce
Ranking 4 5 6
Conclusion Described by one of the team as looking "fierce" and this gradually made more sense. An overpowering coriander presence, and very spicy aftertaste lurking in the low calorie ratings, intimidated the judging. At the other end of the scale, BGTY didn't put up much of a fight. Watery in looks and texture this relied on spice for what little flavour it had. The lowest in fat, a true lightweight sauce. This was 'unique' in the taste test. A distinctive pouch instead of a jar. Strange, gravy-like smell and thin, soupy texture. A weak and watery taste. Singled out by the team for last place.
Calories (per serving) 99 (per 1/3 jar) 92 (per 1/4 jar) 85 (per 1/2 jar)
Fat (g) (per serving) 4.6 (per 1/3 jar) 2.4 (per 1/4 jar) 3.0 (per 1/2 jar)

The feeble Be Good To Yourself and Marks & Spencer sauces failed to curry favour with the judges, who were generally pleased by the standard of the competition.

Of the rest, extra calories and fat content did seem to pay off for flavour, with Asda & Morrisons fighting it out for top spot.

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